My First

Yehey! Finally, I’m diligent enought to blog!

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It is just a normal day in the office, and out of boredom, I thought of writing my first ever blog! I’ve been wanting to write ever since 6565162154 years, seriously. I find it really cool and entertaining to read blogs of other people, mostly people that I don’t know (really! I don’t have any friend who write their blogs) may it be their personal experiences, travel, food or kahit Mema lng (me-mablog lang).

Even before my college days, I always wanted to write my own blog but I don’t know where/how to start. Like many of the famous personalities, I also want to document the highlights of my life. Good thing for them, they don’t have to exert effort to do it, we have Wikipedia to do it for them (psshhh).The reason why it took me 6565162154 years just to write my own blog is that I’m scared. I’m scared of constructing a correct grammar, scared of maybe no one will read it, scared of receiving bad comments if ever somebody visit my page. You know, we live in a world where everyone is as good as they think. They can make a big fuss even in the smallest mistake. Hate to admit it, but yeah. 

But as I write now, its not that bad at all. I think working and living in abroad had made me become more mature and open minded. Now I don’t even give a slightest care of what others will say or think. I’m happy to do it for myself. It’s like an achievement for me cos believe me, writing and designing your own blog is not that easy at all.

So there you have it. I just hope that this will not be my last (haha! super tamad ako but just the thought of writing about my previous lakwatsa makes me even more excited and posting it on facebook is super old fashioned for me now. hahaha! *yabang*)


PS. I started composing this blog last friday 1:39PM, 20 November. Ngayon ko lang natapos, ang hirap pala talaga. haha! 

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