Hooray for my 2nd blog! It is the 22nd day of the month. Are you aware that we’re only 33 days away from Christmas? Yikes! Are you guys feeling the Christmas vibe already? Booooooo! For those of you who are currently in the Philippines, ofcourse. But in my case, I don’t feel any of it at all! (Boo again!) Maybe that is one of the cons of living abroad. I don’t get the feeling of hearing Christmas songs (cos I don’t listen to the radio here) or seeing Christmas Lights on the street (unless I go to malls or on the streets of Orchard Road). I love Singapore cos it is a very safe place to live, unlike in my hometown. But knowing that one happiest occassion of the year is fast aproaching, I just suddenly miss home. I miss seeing kids go to every house posible (as in kahit me aso) and hearing them sing Christmas carols (the famous “Saming bahay” song na yun lang ata ang alam kantahin ng mga bata. haha!) Oh well, wala naman nagpilit sayong magabroad Joy kaya wala ang karapatang magreklamo!! hahaha

Moving on, here is my first entry for the sunday’s currently.



Articles on how to improve blogging. Seriously obsessed at the moment about blogging!


Sunday Currently vol 1


Rather Be (by Clean Bandit feat  Jess Glynne) – I’m actually dancing to it eversince Maine (Yaya Dub) had a production number in Eat Bulaga – Kalyeserye. Lakas maka goodvibes while dancing! haha


Ways of how to improve my blogging skills and the remaining days before I go home for the first time! yehey! I miss PH bigtime!


the yummy Chippy that I’m eating right now (aside from the smell of fabric con all over my room as I have just finished my laundry)


Peace on earth. Seriously, before I find this very corny. But for the past weeks, we really need to wish for it. We should make Love, not war!


For a fun and productive week ahead.


Sleeveless singlet and shorts. My kind of comfy pambahay.


My friends/new friends here in SG. Without them, my life here would not be that fun. It still feels like I work in Ph!


A new laptop, a macbook pro would be a perfect Christmas gift for myself! A few days from now, I will be giving my laptop to my niece *sniff*. Can’t wait to buy a new one!


SLEEP. I always regret staying up late everyday, yet I still do it. Eversince this Aldub fever began, sira na ang tulog ko! haha


Grateful for all the blessings that I’m receiving everyday. Thank you Bro’!

Have a great week ahead guys! Ingat kayo palagi! 🙂

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