For the First Time in Forever


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I just want to share with you what I am feeling cos 16hours from now will be my flight back to Manila. It’s my first time to go home. Solo flight pa (my sister just left earlier). Mind you, It’s just almost 9 months since I left Ph and yes, the title is just a little exaggerated. haha! I’m having mixed emotions as of now, excited, but not totally that excited. I still need to go to work later and just the thought of rushing the 3 projects that I need to submit to our client before I leave is making me sick! I’m like

giphy (3)

Seriously, am I the only employee? I don’t know if I’m the only Quantity Surveyor that my boss see cos he always pass almost all of the work that my manager left (she’s on vacation leave btw). But maybe, just maybe, I’m just a little exaggerated again. It’s just the first day of my manager’s vacation. haha! (the load of work is just unexpected in just 1 day!) (excessive use of the word just. haha!)

I’m excited also that I’ll get to see my family again. Sadly, I will be home for only less than 48hrs. 😦  I badly need to return back on sunday. My boss will def kill me. The main reason why I will go home is because I don’t want to miss the birthday of my father. Its his 68th on the 28th. The last time I saw him (aside from facetime) was 9 months ago, where he was half-paralized and bedridden. It’s painful to see him that time when he wanted to send me to the airport but coudn’t do because of his condition. Well, i had to endure that painful moment, though. I promised myself then that I will not miss his birthday.

But thank God, my father is now as healthy as a horse. He comes to work again, and I think this is the best birthday gift for him. Another chance to correct his past unhealthy lifestyle. He quit smoking and drinking too! Way to go Pa! Kami na lang ang iinom para sayo! 🙂

I hope to see some of my friends also, sana lang masingit nila ako sa time nila. Ba’t kasi weekend lang yung uwi ko eh! 

Well there you have it, I’m wishing myself a safe and delay-free flight later!



PS: My family doesn’t know that I will be coming tomorrow, I hope they’ll  get surprised! 🙂

PSS: Since they don’t know anything, shempre kailangan kong mag taxi pauwi pra mapanindigan ang surprise ko! Sana lang di mahirap sumakay!  🙂

PSSS: Sana hindi talkshit si Roxanne, susunduin daw nya ko! haha Hi Roxanne! 

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