December 1st

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s excited here!!

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It’s the first day of December and we’ve only 24 days to go before the most awaited time of the year! I can’t wait to go home again!

Btw, I just got back last sunday from my super-duper short vacation to Manila (I only stayed home for about 38 hrs, in all honesty!) Others said I only waste money, time and energy. But I didn’t care and I didn’t mind them. All I had in mind is that I don’t want to miss the important occasion.

I arrived in Manila at 10:30PM (27 November) and my friend, Roxanne, picked me up at the airport


Thanks Prox!

We went straight to Resorts World. For the record, it’s also my first time to try Mcdonald’s chicken fillet Ala king (haha) seriously I was excited to try cos we don’t have it here in Sg. (Aldub fan here!) It tastes like carbonara which is my all time favorite. kaya favorite ko na din to. haha!


It was already 2:00am when I reached home and my planned surprise to my family was a total failure! They’re already asleep 😦 except for my sister Ate Jenny who opened the door for me. Since I don’t want them to know that I’m home, I slept in our living room. That morning I woke up to the sound of my father’s voice (he received many calls from friends who wished him happy birthday). Still, I didn’t move from the sofa. But I sensed that someone is staring at me so I opened my eyes and I saw my father looking at me but cannot clearly recognize me. So I waved my hand and said “Hi Pa! Happy Birthday!” and that was the only time he recognized me! (epic fail no more! haha) His reaction was priceless! I don’t know what/which words to use to describe it, but maybe I’ll just leave it like this. Hindi ko kayang i-explain in words yung reaction nya kung gano sya nagulat at gano sya kasaya.

12315202_10154411868129057_2026169076_oMe and my old man, the birthday boy. Happy 68th, Papa! I Love You! It was all worth the risk just to be able to go home on your special day! 

That morning I went to my dentist. My teeth became horrible after 9months! I also had self-ligating braces. It’s more expensive than the normal one but the good thing about it is I dont need to go to my dentist every month and I am required to go to PH every 6months! (Much better than having my braces here in SG which is 3 times the price compared to PH). Goodbye to my old braces (picture to be posted)

We went to Mall of Asia at lunch time to celebrate my father’s birthday. We ate at Abe Restaurant. Good thing my sister decided to eat there and ordered filipino dishes! (gosh i missed lutong pinoy!) I dont have pictures though. 😦

And ofcourse, di mawawala ang mga namiss ko


tender juicy hotdog, nothing compares! (yan lang napicturan ko sa lahat ng masasarap na pinoy food na kinain ko!)

12334168_10154411868084057_1607945014_oSibling sessions (eto ang imposibleng mawala sa amin)

Hours before my flight and we were still having our drinking session. Kahit nagkakasarapan na sa inuman habang nanonood ng John Wick movie at lumalafang ng pizza, kinailangan ko ng umalis. I’m the party pooper that time. I need to go to the airport early cos I need to settle important things. And by the way, I won’t be telling here my traumatic experience in Changi Airport and NAIA (sa katangahan ko lang din naman! haha) 

Well, that sums up my experience on my shortest and first ever vacation in PH. Even though I encountered some nakakapunyetang pangyayare on my way home, it was definitely a memorable experience. Lalo na yung katangahan ko, it is definitely one for the books!


Well anlayo na nung title ko sa topic ngayon. haha! Happy December first, everyone! I’m definitely looking forward to the remaining days before going home, again! Hope you had an awesome 1st of the month also! :)))))))

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