Eve at the Airport

Hi everyone! While some of you are already enjoying the Christmas break, here I am, sulking myself at the office, daydreaming of being on vacation. Well I guess this is one of the bad side of living and working abroad. Here in SG, we don’t have that long vacation during this time of the year. Unlike in Manila, there are parties everywhere from the Consultant/Management, Main Contractor and Subcontractor (for construction industry), I was always present at parties. Vacation starts at 23rd of December until the 2nd of January the following year. *sigh* Our company, or most of the companies here only follow the public holidays

Singapore Public Holidays 2015

Ang konti lang diba? Unlike in Manila, there are many long weekends. (well I’m not complaining, Lord! just stating facts. haha!)

Good thing, our company today will only be working halfday (my boss is a Christian). We had our lunch in the office together with the site team. I also won 80sgd on the lucky draw. Not bad!

unli pizzaaaa!
my first ever Christmas party here in SG
my lucky day indeed! I won S80$ from our raffle


I went straight home after I finished my claims to to be submitted today (yes I’m hardworking! lol). I finished packing my stuff while I wait for my sister to get home. We went to our friend’s house at Marine Parade to eat early Noche Buena and we also had a little drinking session to welcome the Christmas! haha syempre di mawawala yun!

I didn’t forget to call my closest friends here and greet

as if we we live in Europe to Middle East (lol, we’re just in SG)

Then we left at 10pm for airport. pictures….

my travelmates/friends



panic buying cos it’s GST free


free raindeer hairband cos we’re the last customer at wines & spirit

Well that sums up my experience in my first Christmas eve in the airport. By the way, it’s Christmas already!! (Istarted composing thing post in the morning 24th December) Merry Christmas everyone! It’s now almost 1am 25th December and 1hr from now we will board the plane. Can’t wait to go home to Manila!! For the 2nd time, my family doesn’t know that I will be home for Christmas. I hope they’ll be surprised again like last November!

while waiting for boarding

Wishing me and my friends a smooth and safe flight later! Merry Christmas  again! Ciao! 

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