Sunday Currently | 02


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post! Well I had a hectic schedule during my 10-day stay in Manila, like everyday I always had appointments with relatives/friends. And it is definitely one of the best Christmas holidays so far! 10days are not enough, I haven’t visited some of my relatives yet. But there’s always next time. Hopefully I can write  my entry this week regarding my super fun-filled vacation as I’ve been very busy at work since the day I return (I returned last Tuesday, 2:00am thanks to Cebu Pacific’s good service, my flight was delayed for 2hours. I was supposed to arrive in SG at 11:30pm Monday).  Well moving on..



Random stuff at twitter and FB.


Sunday Currently vol. 2 and drafting my  Christmas vacation entry


Justin Bieber’s album, Purpose. Gee I’ve been very obssessed with his songs only lately, all of the songs there are nice, so yeah I’ve been listening to it the whole week day.


Of how to lose weight in 3weeks time. haha! I’ll put the blame in the festive occassions last week!! I’ve gained sooo much weight! It’s hard to resist delicious filipino food especially the ones that my mother cooked! *sigh* Now I feel hungry just thinking of the food *sigh again*


The fresh breeze scent of the air purifier. I’ve had general cleaning/makeover of my room.


All my loved ones good health! Just the other day I found out that my Auntie (not real relative, just a very close family friend since we lived in Pasay), Auntie Let passed away. We just had a nice and fun conversation when I visited her (we lived nearby) and her health is deteriorating that time. May you rest in peace Auntie Let. 😦


That my family and friends in Manila are healthy and safe!


Top sleeveless and pajama. Ready to sleep na ko! 


The new arrangements in my room! Medyo sinipag akong magayos ngayong araw! I think the previous arrangement is quite common and my feet always hit the edge of my bed because the space is not big enough for me. lol 





Well, what do you think? Yes, I’m the only one who arranged that. I’m too big and strong to be able to move all of that, i guess? haha!


To have hair relax/soft rebond! I decided to cut it short before my flight last Monday cos it’s expensive to have a haircut here and it’s too long already near my hips. Then nagtampo yung buhok ko. Suddenly it became dry and there are visible waves already. huhuhu! I need to wait to get back to Manila before I can have my hair done, it’s waaaaay too expensive here. 😦


Comfortable shirt/t-shirt! I just realized that almost all of my new top are all longsleeves! I’m comfortable in wearing them, but you can’t where it in some occassions/places especially when I’m in Manila where it’s hot that time.


Tired as I haven’t rested enough since I returned from Manila (even I slept 10hrs last night. lol). and Grateful as always for all the blessings I’m receiving everyday. Thank you Lord!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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