Holidays 2015

This happened after my last post (see my Eve at the Airport post) when I stayed at Changi Airport at Christmas Eve.

DAY -1 (25 December 2015)

My sister and I arrived at Manila at around 6am. We took a cab straight home cos no one will fetch us at the airport as they don’t know that we will be home for Christmas. We should’ve had a successful surprise if my sister didn’t forgot her keys to the the gate of the compound so no choice for us but to wait for someone to get in/out. We just stand there for around 15mins and finally, someone from the far end house opened it for us.

My brother was already attending to his pets when he saw us. They were all surprised! haha another successful plan for me!  After 25 days, (I just went home last 29 November 2015) I’m finally home again. haha gosh I missed home!

me and my mother hen

Couldn’t take a nap cos this kid never runs out of stories to tell

I’m sure she missed her bully Aunt. haha! Reese and me.

Ate Jen’s version of Rosemary chicken
Of course, we couldn’t miss Mamits’ spaghetti
Everyone’s favorite, Mamits’ Menudo
Macaroni Salad

But these are the foods that I’m craving for

Pinoy fooooddddd. ❤ (L-R above: Daing, Pusit, Dilis and Hotdog, Kimchi rice and Egg)

After hours of chitchat and catching up, we gave our gifts to all of them (Mama, Papa, Ate Jen, Kuya Jon, Janet, Joel, Jeff, Joan, Keen and Reese. oh diba ang dami lang!) and of course, di mawawala ang… tada!

sibbling session

After 25days, I missed my drinking buddies! lol We ordered pizza that afternoon, gee I missed pizza (cos pizza in SG is different than in Manila)

cos there’s no Shakey’s in SG

I spent most of the day chatting with my sibblings and playing with my nieces. It definitely feels good to be home! We finished our session at around 11:00pm as we need to attend a family reunion in Cavite the next morning.

Cont. (see Olaco x Maranan post)



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