Holidays 2015 – 2

So here is the continuation of my last post (Olaco x Maranan).

27 December 2015 – 3rd day

My sister decided to watch Star Wars: The force Awakens  in IMAX and since  I don’t have any plans for that day, I decided to join them. No pictures though 😦 I only have pictures when we went back home.

Me and my niece Keen goofing around


28 December 2015 – 4th day

I woke up early cos I have  3 important appointments for this day. 1. Renew my LTO license 2. Process my OEC (Oversees Employment Certificate, without this, the immigration will not allow you to leave the country) and 3. Meet my high school buddies

My sister told us to go to San Andres LTO cos their service there is fast and it’ll only take you around 30mins – 1hr unlike in other branches. So my brother Jeff and I left the house at around 9:30 am hoping it would be settled before lunch time. But to our dismay, San Andres branch doesn’t issue license cards that day (the hell with LTO!) so they advised us to go to LTO Tayuman branch as they have available license cards. So there we were, we went straight to Tayuman, and to our dismay again, it was super crowded, as if people didn’t go on vacation (it’s friggin’ Dec. 28!). So after I gave my documents, we waited.. and waited.. and waited.. 30mins passed, 1 hour, nothing happened and it’s 12:00 pm already! pffft. They just kept on reminding everyone that their system is slow, and that they cannot accommodate others anymore so they stopped accepting applicants. I wanted to give up the idea of renewing my license that day cos I have an appointment by 2:00pm, but just the thought of me sitting at the passenger’s seat and not allowed to drive because of my expired license makes me want to endure all this bulls**t (pardon me). So no choice for me but to wait for a couple of minutes. Good thing my brother’s application was progressing compared to mine (He applied for new license and only renewal for me). So after 20mins, I finally decided to pull out my application. I went straight to my appointment (OEC is far more important than this). I asked for my documents in one of the windows, and when the attendant checked, she said she was about to call my name for ID picture. So after a friggin’ 2.5hours, I was able to process both the ID picture and the payment for 10 minutes.

For the processing of my OEC, it was better than what I’ve been through in LTO, it only took 10mins, and 30mins for the payment. So I just spent 1 1/2 hour for it. There was heavy traffic on my way home, but I’m used to it already (I’ve been enduring it for the past xx years. lol)

After that energy-draining appointment, I went to meet my high school buddies!

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Night! Pictures!

My crazy friends, Roxanne and Roslyn.




Enter a caption



Roxanne’s favorite tambayan, Coffee Bean at Prism Plaza


I missed you girls! Till our next food trip! Ciao!

P.S. Forgive me if it took ages for me to finish this draft, I’m quite busy in the office. haha! I will post my next entry when I reach home!

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