CE-Naniban after 9months

This is a continuation of my last post (Holidays 2015 -2)

December 29, 2015 – 5th day

I was excited for this day to come cos finally, after 9 months of being an OFW, I will get to see my crazy college buddies! I missed them! Here in SG, my colleagues at work are all serious, you know what I mean? I’m used to have not-so-serious/crazy workmates like my college friends. It’s easy to work with people that are crazyย or you get along well than the serious type ones. But moving on…. we decided to go to Gilligan’s Mall of Asia. As usual, it’s another drinking sesh..

Squad Goals! (L-R) Gics, Ponch, Ben, Mon, Marvin, Jeth, Pao, Jen, me and Jhen

Unfortunately, others can’t come that day cos it’s Christmas holidays and many of them went home to their provinces. They were replaced by Gics and Jen, they are not in the same batch as ours, but they are always present in our reunion.


the early birds! me and Jhen


with the two Jen


with mother Hen on the right side. hahaha


Enter a caption

There was never a dull moment when I’m with them, seriously! ย Hope to see you again very soon guys! Sana yung kumpleto na tayo! Or punta na lang kayo dito! haha


I know you always read my blog, so here is my gift to you. hahahaha I love you Jhen! ๐Ÿ™‚


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