New Year 2016

31 December 2015 – 7th day

The final day of the year! We’re quite busy this day, first, we went to ate Jen’s apartment to get her things, 2nd, we went to my brother’s condo to get his things also (the 2 of them will be staying in our house longer so they needed clothes) and lastly, my sister and I will buy groceries that we will bring when we get back to SG.

Lunch time, we dropped by at Max’s restaurant.

My all time favorite, kare kare!

That’s the only picture I got though, 😦

Then we went straight to Mall of Asia for the last minute Christmas shopping and groceries.

My X month’s supply of food
I spent Php 3,000.00 on junk foods and toiletries alone! haha! I grabbed the opportunity cos when I return back to SG, it’s either the cost of it are doubled/tripled or it is not available so I bought all the things that I missed. 🙂

all packed. I guess I need to buy a bigger luggage 😛

Around 9:00pm, we started the new year’s eve celebration.

8 drinks for me and my 7 siblings 🙂

I forgot to take pictures of the food 😦 I only have this

putok batok pulutan Lechon Kawali

Happy New Year from the Olacos’!

Me the songbird again
Janet, Ann, Me, Jep, Will and Jon
Us with Mamits
Enter a caption



My Brother’s pregnant. hahaha

Don’t ever try to sleep in the middle of the session cos


same pose same size. hahaha

Ever since I can remember, we always celebrate the NY’s eve outside our house together with our childhood friends in the compound until morning of the 1st of January. So for me, so far, this is one of the best and most memorable NY’s eve celebration. Because it’s the first time we celebrate inside our house, and just my siblings, parents, and my niece (minus Andrea). No other company, friends, relatives etc. And I like it better than the previous years. Indeed, there’s no better company than my own family!

I know it’s super duper late, (but Chinese new year is near. lol) again, Happy New Year from us!

insert Papa and ate Jen
insert Papa and ate Jen




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