Maldives: A Dream Destination

If your idea of paradise is a pristine tropical island with swaying palm trees and pure white beaches, then Maldives will definitely be on top of the list. To most wanderlust and beach-lover like me, it is one of the dream destination. It seems imposible at first, considering the budget, as it is known to be one of the most luxurious tourist destination in the world. I always thought that rich people are the only ones who can afford to go there (well I’m just a young 20+ normal employee who took risk in finding work in Singapore, what can you expect?) I always have this thought in mind that I don’t need to go there cos I’ve been to the best beaches in the Philippines, that it is just the same fine sand and crystalline lagoons as what we have in Coron and El Nido…..pffftt. Yeah, what a lame excuse.. 

regular rates. I’ll go broke on airfare alone 😦

But envy and curiosity sometimes is a good thing, you know what I mean?

It was August 2015 when one of my good friend chat me and made me envious about their plans on going to Maldives. I doubt them at first, pffft isang malaking drawing na naman yan. I asked them if they already bought tickets, they said no. See??  So out of curiosity, I checked skyscanner to see how much the ticket is. Luckily, tigerair has a promo that time12714272_10154569895334057_1759392860_n.jpg

I was excited as I browse. and…

Again, seriously?

I freaked out when I saw it, and without second thought, without thinking of other expenses, I decided to go with them with my other friend. The funny thing is, my friend, who told me that they will go to Maldives, it turned out that they are not 100% sure about the plan. I didn’t care that time, seriously. I mean, it’s not everyday you happen to see an airline ticket promotion to Maldives, right? It’s M-A-L-D-I-V-E-S we’re talkin’ here, one of the new seven wonders of the world. Not all can afford to have vacation here (including me). I couldn’t miss this rare chance. I just couldn’t.

RT ticket for 2

I was worried at first but I didn’t waste a second, I didn’t wait for my other friends to be sure about this plan, cos I know any time it will be back to it’s regular price or it’ll be sold out soon. Good thing my friend was able to booked that day, along with her husband, brother-in-law and his girlfriend. I felt relieved. It only means that the expenses will be cheaper as I have 6 others to share it with.

But my worries didn’t end there. We still have a lot of things to settle like a place to stay and activities that we can do so that we can maximize our 6 nights-5 days’ stay. Almost everyday we did some research, mostly on what hotel we’ll stay.


one of the few meeting de avance/research night with side trip. 😛


Maldives is known for it’s paradise-like private resorts and ocean villas, and mind you, it’ll cost you a fortune in just one night. One of the few hotels we found on airbnb and agoda

After countless attempt on planning to stay on a private villa even for just one night, we finally gave up the idea. HAHAHA! There are several private resorts that offers big discount, but the sea plane transfers just cost faaaar more than the rate of the hotel for one night. So 😢😭

But there are many affordable hotels also, the ones that are not in private resorts and not beach-front rooms. If you are keen enough, you may be able to find a hotel which is not that expensive but has a good quality on the site of airbnb and agoda. In our case, we considered Beachwood Hotel, which is in Maafushi Island. It is one of the favorite islands and backpackers frequently stay there.


quotation from Beachwood hotel


Finally, hotel- ☑️ (750usd for 5 nights)

As for the activities, we found one but the offer is from a different hotel

Grabbed from the blog I read. ctto

We assumed the prices from the above photo are the standard price.

estimated budget including tours/food +20% allowance

Airline ticket – ☑️ (300sgd)

Hotel – ☑️ (750usd)

Activities – ☑️

Financially ready – ? (lol we had 6months to save from the day we bought the tickets)

Beach body – ?

Me and my friends planned to lose fats (gain 6pack abs for others) so that we can be picture perfect when the time comes. We even had challenges


motivated at first


waley na. hahaha

Well, I guess we just need to enjoy life instead of stressing ourselves on diet and exercise! lol yeah that’s the spirit, Joi! 

diet queens @ bugis, a week before the trip. 🙂


So this sums up all the preparation for our much-awaited Maldives trip. I’ll update soon for our 6nights-5days trip. Ciao! 



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