Paradise in Maldives | Day 4

February 9, 2016 – Tuesday

As usual, we had an early call time for today. But as I take bath, I noticed I have something itchy on my chest.

I have history of allergy on seafood back when I was in the university, I took medicines but I didn’t tolerate it, I still eat seafood cos I don’t want to deprive myself. For many years I continue to eat seafood and that time I thought  I outgrown them. I believed so. But since Maldives is a Muslim country, most of the food they have are seafood and chicken (oh no!). I tried almost all the dish from the hotel breakfast, our lunch in the restaurants and in the buffet dinner without thinking of my allergies. And now this.

when allergy attacks

But it didn’t stop me from eating another fish curry and eggs. haha!

diet. lol

For our activity today, the hotel arranged a package for us so we can still avail the half day spa. Originally, it includes 3 spot snorkeling (Biyadhoo Reef, Turtle Reef and Banana Reef) but changed the snorkeling spots in areas which are not that deep (4 of my friends couldn’t swim). So all are settled! We still get to swim with the turtles! yay!

at the port of Maafushi
they don’t want to get tanned. haha!
with the Chinese tourist
the couple with the friendly guide Musharuf
me and Toms with another guide

We didn’t have much picture during the 2 spot snorkeling but I do have video on my first encounter with a sea turtle.


After hours of snorkeling, we went to our next activity which is the dolphin cruise. According to locals, it’s not everyday that you get to see dolphins swim above waters, so today is one of our lucky day!


Too bad we couldn’t swim with them, we might scare them away so no choice but to watch them from our boat.

dolphin watching

We went straight to the sandbank to have our lunch.

the peegees
lunch under the sun… uhm.. umbrella rather
Enter a caption

The food was great (or I’m just hungry I think?) we rest for a couple of minutes while we listen to good music. There isn’t anything to explore as it is just plain sand bank, so we just took a couple of pictures then returned to the hotel.


When we got back to the port, we decided to take the water sports activity since it’s our last day in the island. Me and Toms will try the parasailing, others will try standing paddle and kayak while others will just stay in the hotel.

By the way, their ports are just typical ports in the Philippines, not that extravagant like the ones in private resorts and by that time, it was full of locals waiting for tourists which they will assist to their respective hotels.


There is only one group in the whole island who offer water sports activity, and they are generous enough to give us free use of kayak if we avail the parasailing package.


We waited for around 20 minutes because we want to parasail during sunset, so we just watched some of our friends while they enjoy kayaking


sun tanned (too much)

While waiting for the perfect sunset for our parasailing, we saw 2 Parrots, Luis and I forgot the name of the other one. Luis is too friendly that he calmly go to other people’s arms and stay as long as he like. He’s in for some selfies too!

with the famous Luis


Around 5:30, me and Toms went back to the port for our parasailing while the others rent some bike and stroll around Maafushi.


just the perfect time for parasailing 🙂




Pardon me for the video quality 😦 we didn’t realized the casing wasn’t clean :((( Before, I thought it will take us up that fast. You will not realize that you’re getting higher and higher. I’m nervous at first, not that I’m scared of heights, but I’m scared that the GoPro might slip into my hands and fall [(haha! pessimistic joy!) I just borrowed the GoPro and I don’t want to pay for it (in case)]


It’s great to see the whole island of Maafushi at 50 meters high! The island itself is too small that you can go around the island for less than 1 hour, seriously! I’m too blessed to experience parasailing,  and there’s no better place than Maldives!

my first parasailing experience
didn’t miss to take a picture with the captain of the boat

We returned back to the hotel to wash up, Ben and Ate Lilian are into Spa (spa is included in the package) and others are not yet back. Dinner time, we decided to eat again at Arena Beach Hotel. Again, buffet for dinner! ugh!

Different dish than last night, yey!


The Filipino crew gave us discounts, so we just paid US$12.00 including tips! Before returning to the hotel, we decided to buy some local drinks (too bad liquor is banned here)



We wait in our rooms while in queue for the spa cos they only have 1 therapist, ate Luz, which is a Filipina. I waited for 12:00 midnight for my turn. I almost fell asleep during the massage but she has so many of stories to tell that I cannot take a nap even for a minute.

ate Luz

What an incredible experience to end the night! The massage was too great that I fell asleep as soon as I lay in bed.

Expenses for the day:

Half day spa – US$85.00

Parasailing – US$50.00

Dinner – US$12.00

Grocery – 60MVR

Tip for ate Luz – 50MvR

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