5-day Maldives Budget Itinerary

Hello there! I know it’s been 10 weeks since my trip to Maldives, I just finished my 5th day blog post (too busy!). Some of my friends in Facebook sent private message to me asking how much we spent. So here I will try my best to give the exact details of what I spent during my 6day adventure. (February 5-10, 2016)


Airfare and hotel:

300.00 sgd – Tigerair roundtrip ticket.

750.00 usd – Beachwood hotel deluxe triple room for 5 nights (750/3 = 250 usd per pax)                                   including buffet breakfast

440.00 usd – Rountrip speedboat transfer from Airport to Maafushi Island for 7pax (440/7                              = 63.00 usd)

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Day 1:

13.00 usd – Lunch

25.00 mvr/1.70 usd – snack

25.00 usd – night fishing

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Day 2:

100.00 usd – day visit to Adaraan Prestige resort

130.00 mvr/8.70 usd – dinner

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Day 3:

12.00 usd – late lunch

5.00 usd – snacks

15.00 usd – buffet dinner

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Day 4:

85.00 usd – half day spa activity (including 3 spot snorkeling, dolphin cruise and lunch at                            sand bank.)

50.00 usd – parasailing activity  (100.00 usd for two, 70.00 usd for solo)

12.00 usd – buffet dinner (discounted all thanks to the Filipino crew at Arena Beach Hotel 🙂

60.00 mvr/4.00 usd – grocery (tried their local non-alcoholic drink)

50.00 mvr/3.40 usd – tip to Filipino therapist (for the spa)

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Day 5:

13.00 usd – lunch at Thai restaurant

9.00 usd – ice cream (for the sake of free wifi access. lol)

1.00 usd – boat fare from Male City to Airport.

15.00 usd – burger king dinner courtesy of my friend Ben (I won our bet haha!)

10.00 usd – cheapest souvenir shirt that we found (normally 30+ usd for good quality shirts)

8.00 usd – 3  keychain

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These are the only things that I can remember as of the moment, as it is almost 3 months since our trip, but my total expenses was around 1,400.00sgd – 1,500.00 sgd (including souvenirs, snacks  that I wasn’t able to note on my budget list).


  1. The exchange rate at the time of our trip was 1.00 usd = 15.00 mvr (1.504 sgd = 1.00 usd) (33.00Php = 1 sgd)
  2. Budget for 1 meal would be around 10.00-15.00 usd
  3. All activities are optional (obviously), so it will be cheaper if you just stay in the hotel or in the island. lol I mean less activity, the cheaper.


So that’s it. By the way let me take this opportunity to post my first ever video:


Again, let me remind you, you dont need to be rich to travel.  Ciao!





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    1. hi! From Airport to Maafushi it was roundtrip, but for the private island tour, the roundtrip transfer was already included in the package. From Male to Airport, it is $1 for one way.


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