Paradise in Maldives | Day 5

February 10, 2016 – Day 5

This was our last day in Maldives 😦 We decided to go to Male City before lunch time so we have enough time to stroll around before our 9:00PM flight back to Singapore.

After breakfast, we went to the souvenir shops located near the Arena Beach Hotel (where we had dinner buffet). The owner is one of our guide. He promised he will give discounts but I wasn’t able to buy anything from the shop because it’s too expensive 😦 good thing my friend Ralph was able to buy ref magnets so we wouldn’t feel guilty or embarrassed with the owner/guide. Around 10:30 in the morning, the staff from the hotel helped us with our bags and assisted us to the port.

with one of the guide

After an hour of boat ride, we arrived in the port of Male City. I totally admire the local’s discipline here. They have the most cleanest port I’ve seen so far! (most na, cleanest pa. lol)



We just roamed around the city. We have DIY itinerary to some great places to visit within the city. Male City is just a small island that you don’t need a taxi ride when you want to go to different places. We just walked our way from the port to searching some souvenir shops, to searching for restaurant etc. Some of the places that we passed by:



i think this is their version of White house


souvenir-shop street

Typical souvenirs


We searched for a good place to eat, but we were too tired and exhausted (the weather is too hot!) so we just picked the one that we passed by which is a Thai restaurant (forgot the name).


I shared it with my friend Benedict. We both paid US$12.00, not bad for good spicy meal! 🙂

We continued to roam around the city cos we still have 7hours before our flight and we didn’t want to spend the rest of the time doing nothing in the airport (the airport doesn’t have wifi! psshh)

We planned to go to the museum but it has entrance fee which is waay too expensive for our budget 😦 took a picture of it instead



After an hour of walking, we decided to search for a cafe (with wifi) where we can sit and relax for a couple of hours before going to the airport. We came across many good places but unfortunately they don’t have wifi. haha! Luckily, we found one ice cream parlor and they do have free wifi access.

Of course, we were obliged to buy something from them. haha!

MvR 130.00 ice cream (almost 9.00 UsD)

We stayed there for almost 2 hrs then we walked our way to the port.


Dora the explorer


This one will go directly to Airport. The boat fare is US$1.00.

Boat to Airport


Enter a caption
Male Island

It took 20 mins to reach the airport.


Since we are too early for our flight, we took advantage of it and rest while I scan and copied some of our pictures and videos from their GoPro. Around 7:00pm when the check in counter opened. I was surprised when I saw the boarding pass. So far, this is the coolest boarding pass that I had that it’s too cute not to take picture of it!


Expenses for the day:

USD 13.00 – Lunch at thai restaurant

USD 9.00 – ice cream

USD 1.00 – boat ride from Male to airport


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  1. awesome blog te Joi, one day magagawa ko din to :). More travels and food munchng to come (Y) idol talaga kita, hahaha


    1. Haha salamat Pete! Kaumay kasi pag sa FB lahat kaya eto gumawa ako. Mas maaga mas maganda! nagsisi nga ako bat ngayon lang ako nagstart magblog, dami kong napuntahan sa Pinas nuon eh 😦


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