Unplanned Hongkong Trip | Day 1| Hongkong 2016

April 7, 2016

This is one of my super unplanned trip, seriously! We have this group chat in facebook with my college friends, who are all now based in Singapore. One morning, my friend Brenz, suddenly asked what are our plans this summer. I said I already have plans on May as I will go back to Philippines and go to our province in Visayas (Southern Leyte to be exact). Out of nowhere, he just bursted “Let’s go to Hongkong!” my other friend Win John agreed. I didn’t respond at first, I quickly search for flights that instance, and to my surprise, Jetstar has promo that time, SGS 233.00 for a round trip ticket (Singapore – Hongkong). So to cut the long story short, we bought it right away. hahaha! So fast forward ———–>

signature mandatory photo 🙂

The flight was on time (thanks Jetstar), we arrived 10 minutes before 8:00pm but we couldn’t leave the airport yet because we’d wait for our friend, Manilyn, who’s from Philippines. As usual, Cebu Pacific was delayed again as always. Good thing Hongkong International Airport have faster WiFi, waiting for our friend was not that burdensome. The flight that we’re waiting arrived past 9:20pm, so all our plans on that night was cancelled.

My friend, Brenz was able to borrow Octopus cards for us four

Travelling by train, I was shocked when they informed us that a trip to the next station (Tsing Yi station) from airport (using MTR express) costs 60.00hkd! That was around 11.00sgd!


Good thing we meet OFWs on the train, they give some tips on how to save on the airport express fare. They advised us to get the group ticket promo (you can view fare here MTR Express) So instead of paying 60.00hkd each, we paid 42.50hkd (the package was 170hkd/4pax = 42.50hkd).

our home for 4 days

Weeks prior to our scheduled flight, we were able to find a budget hostel in booking.com, we paid 60.00 sgd for 3 nights’ stay at Tai Wah Boutique Hostel located in Tsim Sha  Tsui, Hongkong. This was the place recommended in some of the blogs that I read, and the hostel is just 5 mins walking distance to their MTR. I think almost all the hostel that we checked were small, but who needs a bigger room anyway? We are just there to sleep (we leave early in the morning and return late at night) nothing more, nothing less.

April 8, 2016 – Friday

The next morning, our itinerary was: go to Avenue of the Stars which is just walking distance from our hotel, meet our friend/college schoolmate Yuri, who works in Star Cruises and is now based in Hongkong, and finally Disneyland. Pictures —>

groufie at the hostel
foggy view at the garden of the stars
with the famous Bruce Lee
groufie at the graffiti


Past 9am, we left the garden of the stars to meet our friend in harbor front.


Aboard Star Cruises Pisces, lunch courtesy of our generous friend, Yuri. It was actually my first time to be on an international cruise ship.


Singapore-like dish


After lunch, Yuri let us tour around the ship.

at the deck
Star cruises Pisces
Yuri, Mane, me and WinJohn.
With Brenz
Candid candid-an

Past 12nn, we decided to leave for Disneyland. They have special station and train to Disneyland. How cute is it?!

Mickey train
obligatory photo

Disneyland ticket costs $539HK


Pictures! —->


Exploring disneyland, pictures ——>


high five
a hug from Buzz lightyear himself! 😛
Groufie with Buzz
groufie with Woody

Roaming around disneyland is one of the exhausting thing to do (and we’ve been walking around Hongkong since 7am!). We decided to have a snack in one of the foodcourt while we wait for the fireworks at 7:30 PM.

meal for $99.00HK

At 6:30PM we went to the location (I dunno the exact name but it is in front of the castle) and people were already gathered there while waiting for the parade to start. Since we were early for the parade, I decided to go to the souvenir shop to buy something for my 2 nieces (and didn’t miss to have a picture at the garden with Mickey and Minnie)


while waiting for the parade
Sully from Monsters Inc. (the only picture I had from the parade)


the happy kid
you’re welcome!



After the exhausting Disneyland trip, we decided to look for cheaper souvenirs around Tsim Sha Tsui. We didn’t miss to try their streetfoods also! (I tried one for $15.00hk)

We tried their authentic noodles too!

superb noodles for $30.00HK

My first day was indeed tiring but I enjoyed every bit of today’s trip!

My expenses for the day:

HK$50.00 – MTR Top up

HK$539.00 – disneyland ticket

HK$99.00 – meal at disneyland

HK$318.50 – Tsum tsum souvenir at disneyland

HK$168.50 – Mickey mouse pillow at disneyland

HK$100.00 – 7 souvenir t-shirt at night market

HK$15.00 – street food

HK$30.00 – noodles for dinner

Total: HK$1320.00

NOTE: I changed my SGD to HKD at Arcade Mall in Raffles Place (Singapore) SGD1.00 = HK$5.70


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  1. how nice that you have a friend from the cruise ship…one of the dreams to step into one…il be in hk on nove 24 to 27…hoping to maximize my stay there 🙂


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