What to do in Ocean Park | Day 3 | Hongkong 2016

April 10, 2016

This was the last day of our tour and we’re scheduled to visit Ocean Park before our 9:00pm flight. Busy day again! 😛

A quick breaky at Tsim Sha Tsui station before going to Central station for The Peak: 2nd time around. lol

Unfortunately,  it was still foggy when we arrived in the Central station. We decided not to go cos we don’t want to waste HK$88.00 but my friend Brenz insist to go even though the fog was worse than last night, so me, Win John and Mane agreed to go to  Ocean Park directly. It rained heavily on our way to the park but that didn’t stopped us. 😛

touchdown! 🙂
one of the cutest tickets!

The ticket costs HK$385.00 for a whole day pass. Good thing it rained also, the park was not that crowded. 😀


As you can see, they have more rides and attractions than Disneyland (cheaper here also. :D)


Since it was raining hard that time, we took the opportunity to look for some souvenirs (I need to buy something for my parents). Prices here is far cheaper than in Disneyland, and the quality is just the same. Nag kuripot ulit kaya window shopping muna. 😀

Tried some of their cute hats

It was still raining when we got out of the souvenir shop. Our first stop was the grand Aquarium. 🙂



school of fish
*insert Brenz*
feeding frenzy 😛

Walked through the rain cos we don’t want to buy a raincoat worth HK$40.00 (kuripot mode on! lol)

Our next stop was the Panda Village. This was actually my first time to see a Panda! Before I only see them in movies or pictures but now I’d got to see them up close (well not that close) (We decided to buy raincoat here, di na uubra ang pagiging kuripot sa lakas ng ulan. )

Monkey in a Panda Village (?)
the cutest animal in Ocean Park
One for the books 🙂
dying to hug that cutie 😦

didn’t miss to try one of their cutest hat

I had this picture with an otter but I don’t remember seeing one real otter 😦

Goldfish treasures



I think this is one of the highlights of Ocean Park (aside from the panda village), the Polar Adventure, where you can actually see a real Penguin, well a pack of Penguins rather and other Arctic animals. They have North Pole Encounter, Arctic Fox Den (well I can’t remember if we’ve actually seen a real Fox though), South Pole Spectacular and one of the rides called Arctic Blast (we haven’t tried this 😦 )

This was again my first time to see a real penguin up close!  (I dunno in Manila Ocean Park if they have one of these, I couldn’t remember)


For this one, we actually stared at each other for about a minute. Weird! I think the penguin remembered me. lol


Stopped by the Polar Express souvenir shop and didn’t miss to try another hat 😀


polar bear hat ❤


Mandatory photo

One of Ocean Park’s top thrill rides and the only picture I had (we’ve also tried the Abyss, the Flash, and the dragon) 

before the cable car ride
Mr Monopoly 🙂
Mr. Monopoly and Friends

We didn’t miss to see the famous show in Ocean Theater! One of the highlights for me too! 🙂


first time to see a seal too!
dolphins in action

We also had the courage to try one of the top thrill rides, the Abyss! It looked scary at first, but I dunno, I didn’t feel that scared after that first drop, maybe I just expected some extreme roller-coaster feeling that got me a little disappointed. But it was fun though, seeing my friends half-scared half-excited. haha! 


We tried another ride (forgot the name of it) and the next thing I know, we were running all over the park just to reach the bus station. It was already 5pm that time and we needed to be in airport before 7pm for our 9pm flight back to Singapore.

We didn’t had the chance to meet Brenz in the Oceanpark as we are also busy trying to make our Oceanpark adventure worth it (we’ve only been there for SIX hours! super bitin!)

We were able to make it to the hotel before 5:30pm and Brenz was already waiting for us.

With the Filipino staff of the hostel

Despite all our heavy backpacks, we were able to reach the bus station just in time (just right across the street from the hostel). The bus left exactly 6:00pm, just right for the 1hour trip to airport. Good thing there was no traffic that time, we arrived just in time. 🙂 We bid goodbye to one of our friends Manilyn, as her flight was bound to Manila.

Dinner before flight
team lagalag

Hongkong International Airport is also as fascinating as what we have in Singapore, big enough that you need to travel 20 minutes just to reach their boarding gates. (yeah im not kidding!) 

airport’s cool ceiling 🙂

We arrived in Singapore past 1:00 in the morning the next day, it was the first time I’ve experienced a delay with Jetstar. 😦

by the way, the expenses for today:

HK$ 29.50 – Breaky at MTR

HK$ 385.00 – Ocean Park Ticket

HK$ 40.00 – Raincoat from Ocean Park

HK$ 21.50 – Bigmac meal (lunch and snack)

HK$ 420.00 – 2 souvenir shirts and 1 ref magnet from Ocean Park

HK$ 10.00 – MTR fare cos my octopus card has a freaking problem it charged me double for all of my train rides. pfft

HK$ 33.00 – bus from Tsim Sha Tsui to Airport

HK$ 61.00 –  Dinner at airport (pepperlunch)

Total damage: HK$ 1000.00

So this is it. Thanks for still reading my blog (it took 2 months and a week to finish lol) I’m quite busy this past few weeks, I’ve been to Manila twice since May (vacation and due to unexpected circumstances) I’ll be writing about it, sooooon! xoxo

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