How Much I’ve Spent For 3D4N Hongkong and Macau Trip

Hello there! I know most of you have been to Hongkong and Macau already, unlike me it took %# years just to make this dream come true (yeah I think every kid once dreamed of going to Disneyland) So here is the breakdown of our basic expenses:

Airfare: SGD 233.00 RT ticket Singapore-Hongkong (a bit expensive as we bought the ticket a month before the trip, biglaan talaga)

Hotel: SGD 60.00 for 3 night’s stay at Tai Wah Boutique Hostel click here  (Quadruple room, SGD 240.00/4pax) If you will just tour for the whole day or for the rest of your stay, I advise to book for a hostel rather than a fancy hotel.(aalis kayo ng maaga at uuwi ng late, ilang oras lang magstay sa hotel, for rest lang naman diba? so ayun, tipid pa). I also recommend to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui, as it is near restaurants, malls and night market. You’ll also have easy access to city’s must see destination.

If you are based in Singapore, I recommend you change to HKD at Arcade Money Changer in Raffles station. They offer the best rates for various currencies. 1SGD = HK$5.70 that time.

Day 0

HK$ 50.00 – top up for octopus card

HK$ 42.50 – group pass from airport to Tsing Yi station (I recommend you ask the MTR personnel at the ticket counter for group pass, their fares are way expensive. Single journey express ticket from airport to Tsing Yi is HKD 60.00)

HK$ 23.00 – Dinner at Mcdo (no other local restaurant available, closed na lahat dahil late na din)

Day 1

HK$ 539.00 – Disneyland Ticket

HK$ 99.00 – Meal at Disneyland

HK$ 15.00 – streetfood (forgot the name)

HK$ 30.00 – dinner (authentic pork rib noodle near the hostel)

HK$ 50.00 – top up for Octopus card (just because there’s something wrong with my freakin’ card, charged me double whenever I use >.< )

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Day 2 (Macau trip)

HK$ 32.50 – breakfast at a restaurant near ticket booth of Hongkong ferry terminal

HK$ 366.00 – RT fare Hongkong-Macau ferry

HK$ 200.00 – Day Macau tour with Macau Tower tour (HKD 140.00 whole day tour and HKD 40.00 entrance to Macau Tower). Actually, it is advisable to have DIY itinerary rather than  getting a tour guide. They have free casino shuttle buses that cover not only the casinos but all the transit points and almost all the major tourist places of Macau. Most of the hotels in Macau also operate shuttle buses for their guests. Casino shuttle buses can be used by anyone. You just needed to research in advance on how to go from one place to another. Tipid tour! 🙂

HK$ 20.00 – Tip to our cool tour guide, kuya Eric (many pinoys offer day tour right after the immigration)

HK$ 40.00 – The peak tram (Additional HKD 40.00 for the Peak Tower Sky Terrace entrance)

HK$ 50.00 – again for the freakin’ octopus card top up.

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Day 3 

HK$ 29.50 – Breaky at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR

HK$ 385.00 – Ocean Park Day Pass

HK$ 21.50 – McDo late lunch at Ocean Park (while travelling back to hotel 🙂 )

HK$ 61.00 – Dinner at Pepper Steak at Airport

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Total Damage: HK$ 2,054.00 

Airfare RT Singapore – Hongkong: SGD 233.00 via jetstar

3N stay at hostel: SGD$ 60.00

All in Damage: HK$ 2,054 + HK$ 1,328 + HK$ 342.00 = HK$ 3,724.00 (SGD 653.00)


  1. Souvenirs not included. Better buy souvenirs in Ocean Park, cheaper but same quality as Disneyland souvenirs if you want good quality ones. (1 mickey mouse pillow from Disneyland is HK$ 168.50, shirt from Ocean Park starts from HK$ 190.00 and above)
  2. You can buy souvenirs from night market at Tsim Sha Tsui only until 10.30PM, tshirt price is HK$ 100.00/7pcs (depends on your bargaining skills :P) but the quality is just…okay.
  3. Macau Souvenirs starts from HK$ 40.00 (tshirts), HK$ 30.00 (6pc keychain), HK$ 33.00 (ref magnet) HK$ 54.00 (Macau’s famous egg tart)
  4. We haven’t found the place selling cheap tickets for Disneyland and Ocean Park, but I heard (from other pinoy tourists. lol usyosa lng) that you can get  HK$ 20-40 discount when you buy in some train stations (my friend said there are booths who sell legit tickets in Central and Hongkong station)
  5. You can still use selfie sticks for your phone and action cams in Disneyland, as long as there are no security personnel around 😛
  6. Wear your most comfortable shoes on, I honestly wanted to give up the whole tour because of walking, morning until midnight.
  7. Most of the people in Hongkong do not speak English, (good thing there are many pinoys there :P). I advise you do some research on how to go to destinations that you want to visit.

So that’s it. Hope this post will somehow help you on your future trip to Hongkong and Macau!

PS: Please see our video

Or if you couldn’t see the video cos I happen to have a legal dispute with Youtube regarding copyright issues of the song, please visit my channel: – and click Hongkong and Macau 2016 GoPro Hero4.

Thanks! Until my next adventure! 🙂

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