12:00am passed by, which marks June 20th, and I’m just there, lying in my bed, thinking of what would happen the whole day. A few early birthday greeters posted in my facebook wall. I fell asleep while reading some of it.

Just the usual daily routine, I woke up early, left the house at 7:00am (I stayed in Choa Chu Kang which is halfway across Singapore), and reached office 2 minutes before working time. (1.5hrs travel 😦 ) Yes, no special breakfast for me today. I know this day is just another normal regular day for most of you. Well, for me too. I guess. This is my 2nd year to celebrate my birthday as an Overseas Filipino Worker.

no special breakfast but my all time favorite

I had this feeling of wanting to deactivate my facebook account just for this day only, because I know some of my crazy friends will post embarrassing pictures of me &% years ago or some embarrassing moment that they remembered and they’ll post it in my wall. Of course my 900+ friends will know about it, or maybe half of it, or maybe less. I’m pretty sure I won’t even have the slightest care of what others will say or think about me. But the thing is, I’m not that Ms. publicly post-it-all person anymore. Unlike a few years back, I wanted all of things – may it be that I have a new gadget or shoes, what I eat, what I’m doing, where I am etc etc – to be posted on my wall. psssh. Sometimes I just laugh on my seat whenever I read my old post (2014-2010), and I asked myself “did I actually wrote this post?” I dunno, my perception when it comes to social media suddenly changed. I guess I’m more mature now. Yay!

Birthday girl 🙂

I didn’t deactivate my account. Good thing no one from my friends posted embarrassing pictures and posts. And I think we should all thank facebook for having this kind of idea of helping us remember everyone’s (on our friends list) birthday. For a normal OFW like me who’s living alone (well my sister’s staying just in the opposite of my room :P), greetings and well wishes even from a not-so-close friend are very much appreciated. It gives me the feeling that once in a year,  20%-30% of my friends in facebook remembers me in my special day (I know there are a quite few who, even without facebook birthday alerts, will remember it), So yeah, a lot of my facebook friends made efforts in posting their greetings. Some of my friends in the office greeted me too! (I threatened them not to tell everyone. I don’t want them to expect any celebration, I’m as broke as a broke :P)

while replying to 100+ greetings 😛

I called home during lunch time and delighted to see some of my favorites!

Mamits and baby Keen ❤

I haven’t done any work-related works (lol)for the whole day. I feel very lazy since I sat on my chair earlier, all I did was scan my facebook timeline and open wordpress. A few clients called but I handled their concerns easily. (no sweat! lol) Way to go, Joy! 😛 Now it is almost 6:00pm in the afternoon, just a few hours before the day ends. And still, I don’t feel anything special. I’m not sure on what I am looking for or what to expect, I dunno. Just an ordinary day, indeed! 😦

I already accepted the fact that living thousands of miles away from family and friends is one of the hardest thing on earth, not to mention living independently and alone. Though I have some awesome friends here, it feels different when you have your family or friends who’re just a few minutes drive away and you can celebrate anytime or anywhere you want. It is indeed far from what I’ve used to, but i think I’m starting to get used to it. No other choice right?

Well, as for the birthday wish, I don’t think I could ask for more, as everything in my life is falling into place. I’ll just ask the Lord for guidance and good health  for me and my family, and… maybe someone that I’ve been waiting for. I dunno, everyday I just keep on hoping and wishing for the right person to come, and I will still wait patiently till the right time come. Di ako nagmamadali. I’m currently enjoying my life to the fullest. Syempre mas enjoy kung dadating na yung hinihintay ko 🙂  

Happy Birthday, Joy! xx


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