Elephant Trekking & River Rafting in Phuket | Day 2 | Thailand 2016

21 August 2016 – Day 2

As usual, we got up for our early morning call as we need to travel for 2 hours just to get to Phang Nga National Park. (All thanks to PhuketSRC for arranging our activity! whole day activity for THB 1,800.00)

Good Morning Phuket
first activity for the day, zipline!

This is one of the shortest zipline that I’ve ever tried. haha! (bragging aside, but I’ve tried asia’s 1st longest zipline , located in Bukidnon, Philippines Dahilayan Adventure Park back when I was still based in Manila)

10-second zipline 😀

Trekking with the elephant across the stream of Phang Nga was our next activity.

mother and daughter.lol

The feeling was just the same as riding a horse, except that I felt guilty and pitied the elephants because according to the tour guide, the 3 elephants are already 30yrs old, 60 yrs old and 70 yrs old. Would you believe that? They shouldn’t use these elephants as they are of age already! Poor Dumbos. I told myself that this will be my first and last elephant ride. 😦

I’m all excited to ride an elephant before but after knowing how old they were, we probably should not promote elephant riding anymore, especially the old ones. As a treat, we bought a basket of bananas and fed them.

dont mind my face. 😀

Our next activity was water rafting (5km).

calm before the storm

This was my second time to try water rafting, and compared to my first experience, this one is too short for an adventure (well, we chose 5km as they require additional payment for the succeeding kilometers). But the tour guides know how to add a little fun for the short adventure, tried to knock us out of our seat 🙂

almost 😀


We had a 5 minute-walk in the jungle just to get to Tone Pariwat waterfall, our last destination before having our lunch.


Finally, lunchtime! ;D We had the thai signature dish tomyum, spicy fish dish that I didn’t know what’s called, a veggie dish, fried chicken and some fried veggies for appetizer. Not bad for a free lunch!

sumptuous lunch ❤

Our last destination was Suwankuha temple (Monkey Cave).


Inside the cave, they have various statues of buddha (i dunno) but I only manged to get a single photo , ppfffttt


They also have this thing where you can actually read a prophecy of yours. You just need to insert a coin (any amount), then the green light will randomly pick a number for you and which ever number the green light stops, you get a piece of paper (the prophecy).


Here’s what I got:


I know this prophecy is just a random stuff and not really intended for me but somehow, it gave me a feeling that it IS actually for me especially the line “It’s better not to move away because your current resident will bring you good luck” Honestly speaking, eversince I started working and living in Singapore, my life is kinda better (in some aspect, i guess). Well, better not elaborate it. haha!

Suwankuha is also known as Monkey cave, as it is a home for hundreds of monkeys. It also have plenty of stores which offers refreshments for tourist. You can also buy food for the monkeys. Mind you, these monkeys are very aggressive. Some will snatch the whole plastic of food in your hand. We also saw a couple of monkeys running around and fighting for a food plastic.


They also have a temple near the cave, but unfortunately we didn’t able to see what’s inside cos it’s closed. So, picture na lang sa labas. 🙂

2 hour drive and we arrived in our hotel, just in time for our check out.

checkin’ out

We stayed at Baan Laimai Resort for our last night in Phuket. Weeks prior to our trip, we booked 4 rooms for THB 6,240.00


my room for the night
bubble bath awaits
view at the balcony ❤
my bwisitors
before heading out to eat
donya budings 😀

For our last night, we decided to try their street food. We tried local barbecues, sticky rice, seafood on sticks, thai pancake (crepes) and some exotic dish.

yum maggots
banana and chocs pancake

We also tried fish spa. It was my first time and the feeling was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. hahaha I laughed/cried for the entire 15mins, seriously! I wanted to kick inside the aquarium tank just to make the fish leave my feet but i couldn’t. haha but the experience was awesome!

literally smiling/laughing

Right after, we searched for the cheapest massage we could find though in any streets you can find girls waiting outside and offering cheap massage. We found one an hour before all establishments close and it only costs THB 250.00 for an hour of thai massage (about SG$10.00, would you believe that!?? In Singapore, you get to have a 30mins of massage for around SG$70-SG$100.00!) No pictures, though. 😦

I had the most relaxing night of our vacation that I easily dozed off to dreamland when we got to our hotel. 😀

Expenses for the day:

THB 28.57 – Breakfast

THB 1,300.00 – Elephant trekking and rafting activity (lunch included)

THB 350.00 / 7 – THB 50.00 van from villa to Baan Laimai

THB 150.00 – Fish Spa

THB 174.00 – Dinner (street food and DQ icecream)

THB 250.00 – Thai Massage + THB 50.00 Tip


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