Phuket City Tour | Day 3 | Thailand 2016

23 August 2016 – Day 3

Good Morning Phuket!

Today is the day! Our last day in Phuket. We were scheduled for bungy jumping (yikes!) and city tour before heading to the airport for out late night flight back to Singapore. By the way, we booked at PhuketSRC Travel for our activity today (THB 330.00/pax city tour with airport transfers)

early morning bwisitors πŸ˜€

We had a busy schedule for the entire morning: breakfast, dip in the elegant pool of the hotel, and the bungy jumping which we all need to do in the morning so we can get back to the hotel before lunch, in time for the check out of our friends(the 4 of them didn’t want to try bungy jumping :D) As early as 7am, we searched for a place to eat, but unfortunately, most of the establishments were still closed. So we ended up on, where else but

Sawadee Ka Ronald!
first dip

After the quick dip in the pool, we immediately prepared our things for the early checkout in the hotel and proceed to the bungy jumping site in Khatu which is about 15-20mins drive from Patong Beach. Let me share you a picture of me in the lift, minutes before the actual jump.


I wouldn’t put my actual bungy jumping experience here as I want to post it separately. But for price details, you can also check in their official site Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket for more info. Back to the hotel, I didn’t missed to take photos of their lobby. They have an amazing lobby, with artsy chairs and palm trees. Totally feels like you’re on vacation. πŸ˜€


feeling artsy πŸ˜€

feeling artsy πŸ˜€
With mother hen πŸ˜€

We had the whole afternoon to explore the city of Phuket, again all thanks to PhuketSRCTravel (THB 330.00 for city tour and airport transfer)

Our first stop was Chalong Temple, in beautiful gold and red colors.



Next stop was the cashew factory


They offer different flavors of cashew here, from wasabi, barbecue, sour cream, honey etc you name it! They also have varieties of delicacies from dried fruits of different kind, pork skin, tamarind candies of different flavors too! I recommend their spicy tamarind candy, one of my favorite! Additional info, tamarind is what Thailand is famous for (aside for the red light district and pristine waters).

Next stop was the honey farm. We went to this small room and listened to some brief talk regarding different products that they offer. From pure honey, bee pollen (like the size of the smallest sunflower seed which you can take as a vitamin) and royal jelly (they believe it can make your skin rejuvinated) But the prices are way beyond our budget and in the end, I only managed to buy this:

heaven in a cup for THB 35.00

Next stop was Big buddha temple on the mountain (height 490 meters), where you can see a fascinating view of the east and west of Phuket island. Too bad I didn’t have any photo of the view (there was on going construction at that time). Majority of the people of Thailand are Buddhist, and the site is very sacred for them. Since the three of us girls are wearing short shorts, they have available sarong for us to wear.

three stooges

As you can see in the above photo, you need to take about 50-80 steps just to reach the foot of the big Buddha statue. kapuy!

minus kuya Jerwin
baby and big Buddha πŸ˜€
up close.

We were able to get inside the temple. There was an on-going ritualΒ  (or prayer, i dunno) at that time, reciting prayers in thai language that we didn’t understand, and I suddenly felt scared for no reason πŸ˜€

If you are wondering what it looks like inside the temple:

*grabbed from my gopro video
goofy pose
mandatory photo πŸ˜€

At last, we had our super duper late lunch, overlooking the magnificent view of Phuket City.


With our cool tour guide, P’ Sarah, she helped us in searching for fresh tamarind fruit.

with P’ Sarah

We arrived early for our 10pm flight back to Singapore, good thing there was no traffic πŸ™‚

travel buddies

My expenses for the day:

THB 225.00 – Breakfast, Mcdonalds

THB 600.00/3 pax – THB 200.00 Taxi to Phuket bungy Jump

THB 2,200.00 – 1 bungy jump, certificate of courage and Tshirt

THB 330.00 – City tour with airport transfer

THB 300.00 – late lunch/early dinner


So this is the last part of my Phuket Travelogue. Thank you for still keeping up with my Phuket travelogue (2 months in the making!. :D)


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