Bucketlist: Phuket Bungy Jump | Day 3 | Thailand 2016

This is my Bungy Jump experience on my last day in Phuket, Thailand. I wanted to post it separately cos it is another achievement for me. Before, I only watched it in movies or videos in the internet, and since then, I always see myself doing it. Imagining what it feels like, if I have the courage to jump, how long will I be able to jump from the platform, will I faint during the actual jump; all of these are running in my mind whenever I watch bungy jumping clips.

When we booked the airline ticket last March 2016, I wasn’t able to sleep that night. Because I knew, Phuket has this bungy jumping site and the feeling of just knowing that bungy jumping is possible in Phuket made me nervous that night and found it difficult to sleep. I watched videos in Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket facebook page and from there, I felt the sudden adrenaline rush. Its as if I will be jumping any minute while watching the videos where in fact, I still have 5 months to wait. Weird but true. I read some article that a man was fatally injured in a bungy jumping incident and later died. But reports were not official. Even though I had this negative things running in my mind, it still didn’t lessen my excitement.

23 August 2016 – Day 3

The day of the jump, I was a little nervous because I thought I ate too much during breakfast. I don’t want to throw up during the actual jump (yeah that’s what scared me. haha) We booked at Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket late in the morning and good thing, they responded immediately. It cost THB 2,200.00 for a single jump, a certificate of Courage and a souvenir Tshirt. Weeeehh! It’s good to have some proof that I actually took the courage to jump from a 50 meter crane! Well, some might not believe, but who cares? I’m doing it for myself and not to please everybody. One in my buckelist!

fearless kuno

I documented this experience thru a video because I think words will not give justice on how thrilling/scary/crazy my experience was. Watch my #YOLO moments in HD!

The longest 5mins of my life. This by far was the craziest/most insane thing I ever did! To be honest, I wasn’t that scared that time. Not to sound brave or cool or anything, but maybe because I’m used to heights. I used to climb 5-8 storey high on a scaffolding during structural inspection (I’m a site engineer before) where you can see the actual construction site full of rebars and solid concrete ground, that one wrong move will give you an instant barbecue-like death. I’ve also tried Drop Zone in Bukidnon, Philippines. It is a 120-ft drop where you will be pulled to the top first and once there, you will pull something that will make you drop and swing until it stop. But bungy jump is completely different. Just the feeling of standing at the edge of the crane where you will see the magnificent side of Phuket will need too much courage. And to lean forward for the fall? I dunno how it happened. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it until I actually did. At first, it felt like time stopped. Like the falling sensation in your dreams where you will suddenly wake up. The free fall will take about 3-5 secs before the rope stretch and the next thing you know, you’re bouncing around. You will notice that your head is heavier than the usual (duh! because you’re hanging upside down. haha!) and feel like all your blood is rushing up in your head. It was exhilarating! It was 2 months since my jump but I still get goosebumps every time I watch the video!

I have 7 friends with me during this whole Phuket tour but only the three of us has the courage to do this.

Ben, me and Win John
all smile

I know we were insane just to think of trying this thing, that others actually died trying. But I couldn’t and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. This experience made me realize that life is too short for “what ifs”. That “what if something happened? what if the rope breaks? what if I faint during the jump? what if I die trying this?” feeling will never be answered unless you try. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering what would it feel.Β  I don’t want to hear the testimony of others (who tried this) to answer all the questions in my mind since the day I learned the word bungy jump. I strongly believe in the saying: “Fear is temporary, regret is forever” . That 5-10 minutes fear is nothing when you finally experience what it feels like. weeehhh I can still remember the every bit of it. Priceless. haha!

I couldn’t be any prouder of myself *taps the back* here’s to more insane adventure!




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