4N3D in Phuket for Php 14,000 (S$430) All-In

Here is the breakdown of my expenses during my Phuket tour last 20-23 August 2016

SGD 70.00 – SG – Phuket RT ticket via Jetstar

Day 0

THB 1,161.00 – Accommodation for 2 nights including airport transfers

21:00H – Arrival at Phuket International Airport

22:00H – Check in at Villa

Itinerary Day 1:

07:00H – 07:30H wake up call, breakfast

07:30H – 08:00H travel to Royal Phuket Marina

08:00H – 09:30H breakfast c/o Royal Phuket Marina, briefing for the tour

09:30H – 11:30H Cruise around Phi phi Don Island/snokeling

12:00H – 13:00H Lunch

1300H – 14:00H Cruise to Phi phi Leh / snorkeling

14:00H – 15:00H bum around Maya Bay

15:00H – 16:30H relax at Khai Nai Island

16:30H – 17:30H Travel to Phuket

17:30H – 18:00H travel to villa

18:00H – 00:00H dinner, explore Bangla Road

For detailed info, read Island Hopping and Nightlife in Phuket Day 1

Expenses Day 1

THB 50.00 - Breakfast

THB 1,800.00 - Island Hopping including lunch and snacks

THB 250.00 - Snacks in Khai Nai Island (optional, snacks included in the tour)

THB 381.00 - Dinner

THB 149.00 - Night out at Bangla Road (Beers only, walang pulutan. haha!)

THB 64.00 - Tuktuk to villa (van from bangla road)


Itinerary for day 2:

07:00H – 07:30H wake up call, breakfast

07:30H – 09:30H travel to Phang Nga National Park

09:30H – 10:00H zipline activity

10:00H – 10:30H Elephant Trekking activity

10:30H – 11:30H Water rafting Activity

11:30H – 12:30H trekking to Tone Pariwat waterfall

12:30H – 13:30H Lunch

13:30H – 14:30H Suwankuha temple/Monkey Cave

14:30H – 16:30H travel to villa

16:30H – 17:00H Villa check out/travel to Baan Laimai hotel

17:00H – 19:00H check in/wash up

19:00H – 00:00H souvenir hunting/dinner/fish spa/thai massage

For detailed info, read Elephant Trekking and River Rafting in Phuket Day 2

Day 2 expenses:

THB 28.57 – Breakfast

THB 1,300.00 – Elephant trekking and rafting activity (lunch included)

THB 350.00 / 7 – THB 50.00 van from villa to Baan Laimai

THB 150.00 – Fish Spa

THB 174.00 – Dinner (street food and DQ icecream)

THB 250.00 – Thai Massage + THB 50.00 Tip


Itinerary for day 3:

07:30H – 08:00H Breakfast

08:00 – 09:00H swim in the hotel pool

09:00H – 10:00H wash up/ hotel check out

10:00H – 10:20H travel to bungy jumping site

10:20H – 11:15H bungy jump

11:15H – 12:30H travel back to hotel/wait for others to check out

12:30H-13:00H explore Chalong Temple

13:00H – 13:40H explore honey farm

13:40H – 14:30H souvenir shopping at cashew factory

14:30H – 16:00H explore Big buddha site

16:00H – 17:00H late lunch/early dinner

17:00H – 18:00H souvenir hunting at factory outlet

18:00H – 19:00H travel to airport

19:00H check in

21:00H – flight back to SG

For detailed info, read Phuket City Tour Day 3

For detailed info, read Bucketlist: Phuket Bungy Jump Day 3

Expenses of Day 3: 

THB 225.00 – Breakfast, Mcdonald's

THB 600.00/3 pax – THB 200.00 Taxi to Phuket bungy Jump

THB 2,200.00 – 1 bungy jump package

THB 330.00 – City tour with airport transfer

THB 300.00 – late lunch/early dinner





GRAND TOTAL = SG$ 432.18 (SG$ 1.00 ≈ THB 25.16)

Php 14,136.00 (THB 1.00 ≈ Php 1.30)


Additional tips:

  1. Based on my experience, changing currency in Phuket is better than in SG (I dunno if it’s the same to whichever country  you’re coming from)
  2. It’s much cheaper to book an entire villa than rent a room from a hotel (if you’re coming in a group) check AirBnB
  3. Stay in Patong Beach area as it is accessible to whatever/wherever you want to go (nightlife at Bangla Road, cheap souvenirs, spa, night market etc.)
  4. I highly recommend PhuketSRCTravel, they have plenty of affordable, fun-filled packages. The owner is also kind and accommodating. Shout out to Ms. Sunny if you happen to read this! 😀
  5. Eating out in Phuket can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. In our case, the whole day activity package already include lunch and snacks. As for breakfast, we rented a villa with a kitchen and cooked our own food. We ate (twice) in a restaurant and meal ranges from THB 150.00 – THB 300.00. If you are looking for the cheapest possible, try the street foods in the night market, you can enjoy a crabstick for THB 10.00. 😀

Lastly, let me share with you guys some highlights of my crazy adventure


Hope this will help you on your future trip to Phuket. Happy Travels, everyone!




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