Holidays in SG 2016

Happy 2017! This post is around 20+ days late! I know, there’s been a lot going on lately that I had no time to write this entry. Well, how was your holidays? I hope it went well. As for me, I had to stay here in Singapore for Christmas and New Year because I don’t have enough leave, geez. Not that I’m complaining, but part of me also wanted to try and spend the holidays here just to try what it feels like, cos I always spend holidays in my hometown, Pasay. Just like in Manila, we also celebrated Christmas earlier than the usual.

11 December 2016

My college buddies Ben, Win John, Brenz and Toms and I had our Christmas get together at Seoul Garden, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Sounds quite elegant right? Nah! JB is just a 30-min bus away! haha! We decided to have our celebration there as it is quite cheap as here in SG. Here, a lunch buffet costs a whopping S$40-S$50 unlike in JB just S$15.00. Triple the price right? 😛 Pictures ———>

(L-R) Me, Ben, Winjohn, Toms and Brenz

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After we attended to our respective appointments (I had a me time at the salon while the boys busied themselves in late Christmas shopping), we had dessert at Secret Recipe. Of course, it cost 3x cheaper than in SG. It was their first time to try this dessert cafe and I’m glad they liked it (I’ve tried it a couple of times :D)

Never a dull moments with these guys 🙂

24 December 2016

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, our company held a party at our office. We helped ourselves to Chinese, Burmese and Indian food. I also won S50.00 on lucky draw. Not bad, eh?


24 December 2016

Christmas Eve dinner; I immediately left the office as soon as the party finished and head to my niece’s place in Choa Chu Kang. We started preparing as soon as I arrived.

busy bees

It took almost the whole afternoon for us to prepare all the fine and healthy dish!

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At last, chow time!

Ate Heidi, Ben Winjohn, Toms and I (Insert ate Nerissa and Kilen)

After the sumptuous dinner, we decided to play cards and wait until midnight, and of course vodka is present with us too!

Merry Christmas from me and the boys!

25 December 2016

Christmas day, the kids woke us far too early (we all slept past 2pm after we almost emptied the vodka). They were excited to unwrap their presents. Well, who wouldn’t? 😀

grinning from ear to ear 😀
Busy bees

Me and the boys, Kilen, ate Nerissa and ate Heidi also exchanged gifts. We are all surprised what ate Nerissa gave us as presents. We didn’t know what to expect but


NERF GUNS! Ate Nerissa gave us all nerf guns!! hahaha! Well, she knew we all play nerf wars with her children and it is one of the prefect gifts for us and for the kids as well. Now we only need bullets, lots of them. 😀

skwad ❤

After all the gifts unwrapped, again, we busied ourselves in the kitchen to prepare for our Christmas lunch. Fastforward ——>

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Indeed, it was still a merry Christmas even though I’m away from home (Manila). Thank you to my generous niece (yeah she’s quite older than me :D) for having me, my sister and my crazy friends

finally, we’re complete ❤

Later that afternoon, we had another party we attended to. Our celebration with our friends here in SG. Venue was at Quintet Condominium, Yew Tee.

stan smith skwad 😀

As usual, we had a fun night with some bunch of crazy friends. We had plenty of food, drinks and exchanged gifts which is one of the highlights of the night. We made a couple of new friends as well. Good to know our circle is growing 😀 the more the merrier indeed 🙂

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27th of December, my life went back to reality. (lol need to go back to work and make a living though my mind and body  wants to stay at home as I normally do before :D)

30th December, Friday,  the day I left Tampines and transfer to a new home at Lilydale, Yishun. Though it’s definitely far from my work, I thought it’s better because the landlady is a lot friendlier than my previous one. haha! and not to mention, she doesn’t have any house rules so I’m free to do whatever I want especially in the kitchen (we are only allowed light cooking in Tampines, pfft). As soon as I settled my things in my new room, I went straight to my niece’s place and stayed the entire weekend.

31st December 2016

Last day of the year. We were busy ever since morning for New year’s eve’s dinner. As usual, we had incredibly delicious food!

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mouth watering! 😦 Now I’m feeling my tummy in protest as I write this 😀

1st January 2017

The first day of the year! We didn’t have much activity for this day. In the afternoon, my sister and I went to her friend’s place to celebrate NY. We stayed there for the night and the next morning, I went home early to settle my things and familiarize the new place as well. I don’t want to get lost on my way to work 🙂

Well that’s it. I definitely had a wonderful holidays here in Singapore. It was my first time to be here during Christmas Holidays and I can say that it is not that bad, though the NYE is a lot quieter than when in Manila. But if I have a choice, I’d still choose to celebrate it back home. To where my family is. Christmas is indeed different if you have your parents and crazy siblings with you. The food that we had here is a lot different than what we are having in Manila during these festivities but I wouldn’t mind it as long as I’m with my family. I know what I felt is nothing compared to other OFWs who are working during these special occasions away from their loved ones. Salute to all OFWs who endures all the hard work and home sickness just to give their family a better life. Mabuhay po kayo! 🙂

PS: good thing i was able to finish this as I’m about to go on an adventure in a couple of days. 🙂 Ciao!



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