Backpacking Visayas: Negros Oriental

Continuation of my Siquijor Adventure:

We left Siquijor Port to Dumaguete Port late in the afternoon for the last ferry trip. We already arranged a place to stay in Dumaguete, but  the trike driver was kind enough to help us find one with cheaper rates. Unfortunately, all the hotels around the city were fully booked, good thing we we’re able to book one beforehand. We stayed in Harold’s Mansion, one of the oldest hostels in the city. It is a great place for backpackers as they offer cheaper rates which includes local breakfast buffet. Not bad for travelers with tight budget!

27 January 2017 – 3rd day

We weren’t able to avail the free breakfast from the hotel as our call time was as early as 4am. From the hotel, we took a trike to the bus terminal to catch the first trip bound for Bais, Negros Oriental.

early birds for the first trip

We reached Bais by sunrise, and there were trike drivers along road as early as 6 in the morning waiting for tourists going to the port.

It was still low tide when we got to the port which required us to walk in a muddy shore to reach the boat.


It was only a quick 15mins to reach the pristine 7km stretch of premium white sand and we’re lucky to be the first ones to arrive. We got this piece of heaven all to ourselves!



What to do when you have the sandbar on your own? SELFIE!


Sexy backs >.< (me, ate Pat and Keks)

We walked to the farthest possible but didn’t reached the end. The sandbar was slowly sinking



We got the chance to goof around and savor the sandbar before the water rise

Lol moments

There were some fishermen who sells fresh seafood for a cheaper price.

fresh catch
small tub of fresh oysters for Php300.00
a platter of crabs for Php300.00
happy Joi 🙂

Would you believe you can get that much seafood for $10.00? Only in the Philippines! It is best with vinegar with chili, yummm! (got hungry just by recalling that day, haayy)

Before lunchtime, we returned to Bais port to set off to our next destination. By the way, I forgot the name of our boat captain but you can contact him at +63 0975-629-9427

goofing with the captain 😀

From the town of Bais, we travelled for an hour back to Dumaguete town proper and took a trike to the town of Valencia. Travel time is around 30mins. I couldn’t remember the exact place the driver dropped us, but before we even reach the town proper, several men in motorbikes already approached us, asking if we will take a tour. We haggled for cheapest possible covering the 3 places on our list


Our first stop was Casaroro Falls. It is a 20min trike ride from the town proper.


From the arched entrance, there is a 20min walk down a 300-step stairway. Sounds easy right? Nah!

At the foot of the stairway, you have to endure 20-30 minutes of trek through a muddy and rocky terrain scattered with boulders of every shape and size.


According to the locals, Casaroro falls can be easily accessed before, as there is a concrete pathway to the falls. But Negros Oriental was hit by a strong typhoon Sendong way back 2011 and the local government haven’t got the chance to rebuild another one.

So if you’re up for a challenge, you’ve come to the right place. The trek is seriously not for the fainthearted. You need to pass through muddy terrain, ascend through slippery rocks, cross streams with strong current before you reach the majestic beauty of Casaroro

struggle is real


I don’t have a decent picture of the falls though T_T It is definitely one of Negros Oriental’s hidden gem. The view was stunningly beautiful that we stayed there for half an hour. The trek was definitely worth it (body aches the following instant work out bes! 😀

The next destination was Pulang Bato Twin falls. For this, we needed to travel for half an hour by habal-habal to reach another hidden gem of Negros Oriental.

making friends with foreign tourists 😀

No long walk/trek this time as we reached the entrance, the first falls is just some steps away. The second falls is somehow challenging as there is again some slippery rocks all the way to the falls but there is a bamboo pathway to get across the other side.




A Filipino model/artist also visited here and I didn’t miss the chance to take a picture too. haha!

co-model Solenn Heusaff lol

Chasing the sunset, we left the Pulang Bato falls to Red Rock Hot Spring, which is just 10mins drive from the falls. There, we savor the rejuvenating hot spring as we relaxed ourselves from the tiring activities. We also met a friendly Korean tourist. She’s been to Philippines countless time especially in Boracay which is her favorite beach. Buti pa siya nakarating na dun. haha! 

korean unnie in neon green

It was already dark when we left the place. Our drivers (we rented 3 motorbikes fyi) offered to drive us all the way to Dumaguete City (almost an hour travel) which we half-heartedly accepted lol we don’t have energy to travel by ourselves 😀

As agreed, they dropped us in our hotel, bid our goodbyes to them and went straight to our rooms to wash up. We planned on having a massage on our last night as we will travel to Cebu the following evening.

We were able to find a nice Spa parlor when we roamed around the previous night, which is open 24-hours (*cries*)and you wouldn’t believe how much it costs! A whole body massage for only S$10.00!! I would literally kill if we have this in Singapore! lol If I can just have a massage for overnight for the body aches that I got since day one, I would! haaay

very spacial. 😀

28 January 2017 – Saturday

We woke up a bit later than the usual, I blame the massage because of this haha! And for the first time, we had a chance to try the hotel’s local breakfast buffet!

hot choco, rice cake, bread with jackfruit jam

By far, this is the best breakfast I ever had during this entire trip! Seriously, their Jackfruit jam is the B-O-M-B! Partnered with toasted bread, Hot tableya (local chocolate drink) and kakanin (biko, rice cake), I had a deliciously perfect breakfast  that I almost forgot that we had to leave early for our activity. gosh

We left the hotel a bit later than the usual; we were supposed to go to the bus stop and ride a jeepney to Malatapay but since we were delayed in our activities, we haggled for the tricycle driver to send us straight to Malatapay, which is a beyond our budget T_T It was almost an hour ride from our hotel and unfortunately, the port was overcrowded when we got there. There were already a large crowd waiting for the boats to Apo Island


The weather was gloomy that day, and it finally poured on our way to the island. It was an hour of rough travel to reach the magnificent island.

What bad weather? 😀

As expected, the island was full of tourist , mostly chinese as it is Chinese new year holiday. There were hammocks and beach umbrellas along the beach; cafeterias which offers different variety of pinoy dishes and refreshments. In one side, you can easily notice a bunch of locals wearing uniform, waiting for their name to be called. The leader will assign them to different tourist for them to guide as the government has required tourist to hire local guides while in the island.

ready to turtle-hunt

We dipped in the cold water while it rains heavily, hoping to see turtles up close. There, the turtles are protected by the locals. There are parts of the ocean which have boundary  which tourists are not allowed to cross. Our first attempt was a fail, we saw one but it quickly went beyond the ropes 😦 After having our snack, we returned for another shot to find turtles, and luckily, we found not one, but two turtles!


These two are fast swimmers and its quite difficult to catch up on them and get a decent picture. But patience is indeed a virtue.

selfie with ze grumpy

Mission Accomplished!

no bad weather can stop us 😛

Our journey going back was worse, as the rain poured heavily this time. Good thing we have our waterproof bags 🙂 We traveled back to the city by jeepney, and you know you’re in Philippines if the driver/conductor fits almost everyone in a small jeepney. Some are literally sitting on the floor and the driver still picks up passengers on every corner! haha! One of things that makes Pinas more fun! 🙂 We freshen up and packed our things on the hotel (we only paid Php500.00 for the 4hour late check out, would you believe that?) and had a quick bite on the famous restaurant in Dumaguete.


They say your trip on the City of the Gentle People will not be complete if you haven’t tried the famous Sans Rival and Silvanas on this restaurant. And we couldn’t miss it for the world, too! 🙂

their gourmet dish is a must try, too!
Selfie before going to the port

My total bill was Php1,000.00. Yes, for me alone. haha! I bought one gourmet meal, a slice of sans rival and hot tea for dinner, and 1 loaf of sans rival & 3 boxes of Silvanas, my pasalubong for my mother dear, suhol cos I’m supposed to stay with them with my sister who also went home from Singapore, but since Travel is life 😀

My expenses for Dumaguete trip:

Day 2: From Siquijor to Dumaguete
Php 60.00 - Dumaguete port (from Siquijor) to Harold's Mansion
Php 1,800.00 - 1 night stay at Harold's
Php 100.00 - Harold's to Rizal Boulevard (ihaw Ihaw food trip)
Php 80.00 - BBQ, isaw and hotdog for dinner (Kanya kanya, not included in total expense)
Php 159.00 - Groceries
Php 50.00 - trike from ihaw ihaw to Harold's
Total: Php 2,169.00

Day 3: Manjuyod and Valencia trip

Php 100.00 - trike from Harold's to Ceres Bus terminal
Php 345.00 - Bus to Manjuyod
Php 400.00 (v.v) - trike from road to port of Manjuyod
Php 2,500.00 - Boat rental
Php 800.00 - Snack in Manjuyod (buko, crabs, oysters)
Php 360.00 - Bus from Manjuyod to City
Php 315.00 - Lunch at bus terminal
Php 150.00 - Trike from terminal to Valencia town proper
Php 1,500.00 - Tour and guide package to Casaroro Falls, Twin falls and Pulang Bato Hot Spring
Php 300.00 - Habal habal (trike) from Hot spring to Harold's
Php 45.00 - Hotel to BPI
Php 40.00 - BPI to Spa
Php 40.00 - Spa to Hotel
Total: Php 6,895.00

Day 4 : Apo Island Trip
Php 350.00 - Trike from Harold's to Bais port
Php 380.00 - BBQ lunch
Php 2,120.00 - Boat rental
Php 500.00 - Environmental fee
Php 700.00 - Gear and Vest rental
Php 300.00 - Table rental
Php 300.00 - Guide Fee
Php 80.00 - Snacks
Php 320.00 - Mango Shake
Php 150.00 - jeep from Malatapay to Harold's
Php 50.00 - Terminal to Harold's 
Php 1,800.00 + Php 500.00 - Hotel accomodation and late check out fee
Php 250.00 - trike from Harold's to Sans Rival to Sibulan Port
Php 310.00 - Boat from Sibulan Port to Liloan Cebu Port
Total: Php 8,110.00

Grand total for Dumaguete Trip (2days) = Php 17,174.00 / 5pax
                                       = Php 3,434.80 each


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