Backpacking Visayas: South Cebu

Continuation of my Visayas Backpacking experience after Negros Oriental and Siquijor.

Our last leg of our Backpacking Visayas adventure. As mentioned in my previous post, we took the 7:30pm fastcraft trip from Sibulan Port Negros Oriental to Liloan Port, South Cebu and from there, our contact person, Kuya Lemuel picked us up all the way from Badian to Liloan which is a 2-hour travel. He generously offered to pick us as we will have difficulty reaching Badian in wee hours.

We were able to check in late in one of the hotels in Badian which was arranged by Kuya Lemuel.

But before the night ended, we wandered and explored around and found this bbq stalls lined up in a street just opposite our hotel. Of course, I helped myself with each of everything. yum!

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29 January 2017 – Sunday

Canyoneering was the first in our list of activities. We we’re picked up by a mini-jeep from our hotel and went straight to the house of our guide.

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From there, we left all our valuable items at their house (yes it’s safe, trust me) and just brought our underwater cam and batteries.

always ready for a smile 😀

On the way to the start up point, we needed to travel for around 30mins from the guide’s house in a habal-habal.


After the registration, you still need to trek for another 30-45mins to start up point.  The trail is not that easy though, good for a little warm up before the storm 😀


You will know you’ve reached the start up point if you see a tiny shop which sells refreshments, and from there you needed to descend to an estimated 100-steep steps just to reach the river. It’s the start of the adventure! By the way, our start up point was in Kanlaob River in Algeria, which is around 3-4hours to Kawasan Falls.

As Wikipedia says, Canyoneering is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming. To our surprise, we were able to experience all of these in this one great adventure. My friends were able to do things they thought they cannot do, seriously! I thought I’ll be the only one to do those cliff jumpings (well there’s this one particular cliff that’s pretty high, and I’m the only one who jumped :D), but to my surprise, they did, too! I couldn’t be more proud of them! We endured almost 5 hours of trekking through muddy, slippery and rocky trail, get through small passages, swimming and walking!


The first cliff jump that we’ve encountered. Sorry but pictures didn’t give justice, so Imma post the videos instead

After jumping, the guide informed us that there is only one slide (the one you see in the video, upper left side) for the whole canyoneering experience, so ayun, bumalik ulit kami dun sa start kahit buwis buhay, makaexperience lang nung slide 🙂

buwis buhay just to experience the one of a kind slide 🙂


struggled “star”pose

You will know you’ve reached halfway of the canyoneering if you see and smell the delicious bbq offered by the locals. Yummy!

we couldn’t contain our happiness 😀

Right after the quick break, we are obliged to jump from a cliff (again) in order to proceed.

Good thing we didn’t throw up 😀

Gujab prends! 😀

In case you’re wondering why we’re always four in the picture, our other friend, Kat was keeping her time and savoring the moment (haha!) she cannot keep up with the fast pace so we decided to go push through and let her keep her pace. We’re very proud of her, by the way! (Ponch if you’re reading this haha!)

We jumped for another cliff, but this time, it was quite scary bec there isn’t enough space on whe’re you will land, which has old tree branches and big rocks. One wrong jump and you’ll end up in pain. And the current is too strong too! Thank God, all of us managed to go through, safely. There is a small passage that you would go through after jumping, and you’ll end up in a paradise like view.  I can’t describe exactly as how I saw it, but you’ll see in the video


selfie after the last jump. gujab Joy!

After the last jump, we walked, crossed streams, trek up and down the rocky trail for about 30mins until we reached the breathtaking view of 45ft. falls.

struggle is real!

You will see people waiting around this big tree, some are watching others jump, some are actually waiting in queue. I don’t have a decent photo though

At the foot of the falls there is also a tree vine which you can use to swing around and let yourself be a kid again 😀

After this, again you needed to walk for about 20mins just to see the the majestic 2nd falls. Unfortunately, I don’t have a decent photo of it (lol always) I only have a photo of us at the bottom of it.

peace yow!

Actually, we didn’t have enough time to stay longer; we already booked another activity after this. While waiting for our food and for our friend, we decided to have a quick rest at the bottom of the falls. Sarap!  

After xx years… lunch was finally served.

Enter a caption

Galit-galit kami nung time na yan. haha! Inihaw na liempo, sinigang na hipon, chopsuey, and pancit canton was on our menu. shit nagutom ako habang nirerecall! ahaha

We didn’t have enough time to savor the majestic scene (or just rest after the heavy meal) cos we needed to go to catch our next activity. huhubels. We didn’t even experience the raft on the 3rd falls 😦 Well, there’s always next time 🙂

3rd falls

(2:30PM) From this falls, we walked again for 30mins and reached our tour guide’s house to retrieve our things and we immediately left for our next destination —> Moalboal. It was just a quick 15min ride, just in time to see millions of sardines before sunset.

Team Energetic!

At first I thought we needed to go to an island just to see the sardine run, but to our surprise, they’re just located near the shore (but it’s still too deep) anudaw?

Sardine Run watching

I will not post pictures or video of our sardine run encounter, my GoPro didn’t do justice to it T_T so eto nalang picture namin while watching them. 

Next destination was Pescador Island. We were able to reach this island before sunset. Ganun kabilis ang mga pangyayare. haha! 


Some of my friends just stayed in the boat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery (they took a LOT of selfies too) but as for me, you know I have a gazillion of energy when I’m at the sea, I dived as many times as I can, savoring the much beautiful scenery beneath the waters.

Searching for something
Look what the mermaid found! 😀

We left the island just before dark, and we had a bad weather as we traveled to the shore.

30 January 2017 – Monday

This was the last day of our backpacking Visayas adventure but we still have a couple of activities left before we out late night flight back to Manila.

Call time was 4am. Yes, 4 in the morning! Though we all went to bed late last night, we were obliged to wake up as early as 4am to catch the sunrise to our next destination — Osmeña Peak– located in the town of Dalaguete, almost 2 hours from the town of Badian.

Good morning Dalaguete from these adventurous people!

We were unfortunate that the rain continued all throughout the night, and the trail going up the Osmeña peak became muddy and slippery, more difficult for us beginners (huhu, as you can see my not so clean legs in the photo above)

all smiles pa din ang Butanding Sisters ❤

It took us more than an hour to reach the peak, all thanks to steep and muddy trails. But all in all, it was worth it once you see the view from the top. Or not. Haha! It was foggy that we couldn’t see anything, almost like zero visibility. Yey! we’re too lucky, right? 😀

we’ve reached the top! ❤
Selfie with ate, our tour guide

Just for fun, my friend initially planned to sun-bathe at the peak, but due to weather circumstances, she didn’t have any choice. But even so, it didn’t stop her from bragging her swimsuit. 😀

Nice one Keks! hahaha

Descending from the peak was far more difficult because of the slippery trail, but thank God, the 5 of us survived (though Kat  wasn’t able to reach the top, still, we’re so proud of her for trying. That’s the spirit Ponch!)

Keka’s hands, Proof that it wasn’t an easy trek

We stumbled with Kat on our way down; yes we weren’t together on our way up because she needed to keep her pace, and so did we, for us to catch our schedule. Though she wasn’t able to experience the view from the top, again, we’re mighty proud of you just for trying, Ponch!

foggy groufie with  Kat

After cleaning the tons of mud on our feet, we immediately left for our next destination — Oslob. Yes, Our next activity was swimming with the gentle giants. yikes!

The place was super crowded when we got there, especially chinese tourist, only to realize that it was actually Chinese new year and that explains why there were sooo many chinitos and chinitas everywhere. 😀 We waited for a couple of minutes before our orientation – yes – everyone who wants to go near the whale sharks should attend a short 10min orientation for the dos and don’ts. After, you need to wait for your turn, (as you can see in the photo below) all of the tourists in the shore are waiting for their turn too. Good thing our tour guide has connections with the locals, waiting in queue was a lot faster. 🙂

always ready 😀

For about 50m from shore is where the boats round and tourists get off of it. There is no particular spot that the gentle giants stay, they just swim around and go near the boats, only to find out that the boatmen are giving them food.

It took me a couple of attempts just to have a decent video/photo with the gentle giants because the current was strong and wearing the life vest made it more difficult to swim freely. But when I removed it, I was able to dive easily and found some opportunity for a good shot.


Many times the whale shark literally passed by me (as seen in the photo above), I was hesitant at first because seeing a giant specie in front of you still gives me that weird feeling (they still belong to the family of sharks, right?lol). But since I encountered it face to face for a few times, I got used to it to the point the I follow it whenever it passes by me. The boatmen were furious when they saw me swimming to the whale shark (sorry not following dos and don’ts). But even so, it was the whale shark that kept on going our way,


After countless of attempts, I finally had a few good shots with the gentle giants (though you can see I was struggling in the pictures. haha!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Funny, right? haha I’ve tried my very best to hold my breath as long as I can, just to have these pictures taken, and I couldn’t be happier for the outcome (insert sarcasm)

It was around 11 in the morning when we finished the whale shark encounter. Our last destination was Sumilon Island, also in Oslob, Cebu. Around 10mins travel from the whale shark encounter area. From the port, roughly 15mins to reach the paradise ❤

Blue Water Resort


Green and green ❤

Definitely a must-see when you intend to travel to south Cebu. This place is too relaxing, perfect place to chill and bum all day. One of the best sandbar I’ve been to!

Of course, we didn’t miss to take groufie to this beautiful place!

Butanding family (excuse my messy hair)
Blue and Green ❤

We  didn’t miss to try the all-time favorite jump shot, haha!

Hooray for the successful Backpacking experience!

Past 1 in the afternoon when the boat arrived, which  made us worry if we can still catch our 6:40pm flight back to Manila (travel time from Oslob to Mactan is around 5hours), not to mention that we needed to return to the tour guide’s house cos we left our frozen delicacies (Sans Rival and Silvanas) at their fridge.

I couldn’t remember how we’ve managed to travel from Sumilon Island to the other side of the port, back to the whale shark encounter area, changed our swimsuit and travel to Badian to finally get our things. All thanks to the driver of the van, he sure knows every road in Cebu city, he managed to avoid the worse traffic in the City. We still had time to buy our pasalubong near the airport, kaya Kuya, Mabuhay ka! You’re a life saver!

Though we didn’t have time to roam around Cebu City or even taste the famous Rico’s lechon or food trip in Larsian, atleast we made it just in time for the check-in. Thank you Lord! We’re still lucky we we’re able to taste the famous lechon Cebu inside the airport while waiting for our delayed flight (pfft)

Zubuchon experience


Expenses for Cebu trip

Day 4: 28 January (Negros Oriental to South Cebu)
Php 750.00 - Multicab (Liloan Port to Hotel)
Php 1,800.00 - Hotel accomodation for 1 night (Ging Ging tourist Inn)
Php 70.00 - Dinner (ihaw ihaw and mami- KKB ito)
Total for Day 4 = Php 2,550.00

Day 5 (Canyoneering/Pescador/Sardine Run)
Php 6,500.00 - Canyoneering Package for 5pax
Php 375.00 - Canyoneering Snack
(Bfast-bread from Siquijor, Lunch included in canyoneering package)
Php 3,000.00 - Pescador Island and Sardine Run package (including fees and boat rental)
(light snack for dinner, too tired to eat, kanya kanya)
Php 1,800.00 - Hotel accomodation for 1 night (Ging Ging tourist Inn)
Total for Day 5 = Php 11,610.00

Day 6 (Osmeña/Oslob/Sumilon)
Php 10,250.00 - Oslob whale shark encounter, Osmeña peak and Sumilon Island 
(Including environmental fee and boat rental, multicab and van transfer to airport)
Total Expenses for Cebu Trip = Php 24,410.00 / 5pax
                             = Php 4,882.00

PS: This does not include the KKB meals (kanya kanyang bayad light meals) that we had, because some days, we're too tired to eat and light snack is enough.


Thank you for still keeping up to my adventures! This post is almost 6months in the making (up to date). Hope to hear from you guys on my next adventures! Ciao!


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