Mamita’s 67th Birthday

6 weeks since my backpacking adventure, I was back again in my homeland! ❀ I felt guilty last time I went home because I didn’t get to spend enough time with my family (I was in Philippines on 25-31 January 2017 but spent most of the days, 6 days in particular, in the province). I only got less than 24hrs in Manila. I felt guilty and when I was in the boarding gate, I suddenly missed my family and started crying. I literally couldn’t stop crying during the 4hour flight to Singapore. (lol, artista na yan!). Β Too funny when I think about it now, it was actually my first time to have separation anxiety and cried hard. πŸ˜› Fast forward to March 2017, me and my sister (both based in SG) planned on surprising my mother on the weekend after her birthday. Her actual birthday fell on a weekday, Tuesday, 14 March 2017, so we booked a ticket on 17-19 March 2017.

Cons of surprising your parents? No one will fetch you on the airport (haha!). Upon arrival in Manila, we immediately booked for an Uber ride because it’s so freakin hard to book a cab in the Ph. And then everything happened as planned. Some of my siblings knew that we’ll arrived past 11 in the evening, perfect time cause ze mother sleeps early. And when we arrived, 5 of my siblings (we’re 8 btw) 2 of my niece and my father was in our living room. Noise filled our house, excited to see each other, chatting and catching up as we settled in. Then my mother suddenly appeared in the living room. Haha! She was surprised as she just want to check the commotion outside their room. YES! Successful plan indeed! I can’t forget the smile on her face as well as the surprised look she always have everytime something happened unexpectedly. Then she was not sleepy after all. Haha! She was able to chat with the rest of us until midnight. haay my bagets mother!

18 March 2017

My sister were able to reserve seats at Chili’s MoA, which she planned weeks prior to this day. Aside from my parents and my 7 sibs (and their partners) and 2 niece, my Aunt was also present, my cousin and another niece.

my not so little family

I can’t remember how many order of these foods (below) we got, as you can see, 1 order of each is not enough for us πŸ˜€

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And of course, we informed the staff about my mother’s birthday and they joyfully greeted her (with matching tambourine and dance number haha!)


My Mamits too shy because of the birthday chants haha! She’s not used to this incase some of you are wondering. She prefers to celebrate in our house with only our family and relatives rather than in a restaurant with the crews singing and everybody in the restaurant eyeing her. hahaha!

wanted to capture her blowing her cake, but I failed.


Ofcourse, we can’t leave without having dessert!


My Family ❀

After the celebration at Chili’s, some went straight home (coz we have relatives coming over) while some, including me, roam around MoA and bought snacks for our afternoon celebration. We bought Shakey’s Family meal deals for the visitors as we haven’t prepared anything. We don’t want Mamits to stress over cooking and preparing coz it’s her birthday, right? She should just relax and enjoy. πŸ˜€

After all the chatting, consuming the food (thank God the food was enough), we come to the best part. We, the Olacos always celebrate every occasion with a few drinks. Well quite a few drinks. Or okay, plenty of drinks, I mean free flowing. lol.


It is one of our way to bond with them, especially our cousins as we don’t see them often. They live in Cavite, which is around 2 hour drive from Pasay. That’s why it’s pretty special if we have a get together like this.


Ofcourse, ze oldies wanted to join in! haha! Nah, they just wanted to chat

(L-R) my sis Kilen, Mamita, Auntie Mina, me, Sarah and my Bro Jef
with one of my coolest cousin Ate Bibeng

Every filipino gathering, there’s always a Karaoke πŸ˜€

with my favorite sister, An ❀

I was so wasted that night that I couldn’t remember how I went to bed. haha! I woke up in my jammies. huh! I knew I am a very hygienic person, I was able to brush my teeth and shower! haha.

19 March 2017 – Sunday

Our last day (huhu). My mother prepared some of our favorite food; Hotdogs (cos hotdogs in SG is not that good), Tocino, Danggit and Sinangag. Indeed, mother knows best! ❀

I had an appointment with ze dentist that I was out in the house until lunchtime. I passed by the mall and saw a Siomai House stall. Weeeehh! One of my favorite foooodd! I already had an aching thingy in my teeth (adjusted braces) but I still bought plenty (for my sibs too, fave din nila). I passed by a Dunkin Donut stall too. waaahhh HEAVEN! We have dunkin donuts in SG but it doesn’t taste like the ones here! Especially the Choco Butternut flavor! My nieces liked them too, so pasalubong na din. I missed buying pasalubong for my nieces after work or during payday. Before I don’t have enough money. hahahaha!

We left around 6pm to catch our 8:30pm flight. We haven’t stayed 48hours in Manila, right? haha weekend warrior lang! But it’s all worth it. Being able to celebrate my Mamit’s birthday is enough, kahit saglit lang. That’s how I love Mamits! (If you’re reading this Ma, hope you liked my Longchamp bag gift. haha!) Thank you also to CebuPacific for the cheap flights! I can afford to go home even weekends lang because of your promos!

Well, that’s it. See you on my next adventure! ❀

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