Meeting the Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies | Melbourne, Day 3

12 May 2017 – Day 3

As early as 6am, we were already at the hotel’s dining area for the breakfast buffet. haha! Excited for the breakfast. Then around 8pm, we left for Queen Victoria Market cos we still have time before the 9:30am call time.

wearing my long jacket

It was freezing 6deg! I dunno if the temperature on Instagram is accurate, but it was FREEZING COLD!

(L-R) Win John, Rudzon, Yu Ting, me and Jerome

From the hotel, we hopped in the free tram going to Queen Victoria Market, just 3 tram stops from the hotel. We decided to roam around before the actual group tour because we’re worried we don’t have enough time to go souvenir hunting on the following days  (market is not included in the group itinerary)

Around 15 minutes, we reached the famous market. It is recommended to go here if you want to get the cheap price for souvenirs. They also have a wide varieties to choose from. If you’re lucky, you can even bargain from the locals for cheaper price.

you know where to go for cheaper souvenirs


early birds

It was still early that most of the stalls were still closed. Good thing there were few early bird sellers, we were able to buy souvenirs.


Actually, I started not buying souvenirs on my last 2 vacations. Cos some (especially friends) don’t appreciate it or some are not contented. Others are getting used to asking souvenirs from me that everytime I travel they always ask me to buy them one. So yeah, atleast I won’t stress myself on what to buy anymore. Souvenirs in a western country indeed will cost you a leg. But since it was my first time to go outside Asia, I saved some budget to buy for my family.

koalas and roos

After the shopping comes the photo shoot. We took advantage of the almost empty (but normally crowded) market before heading back to the hotel.

in the middle
with colleagues


It was still freezing cold when we got back to the hotel.


We left our things in our room and hopped in the bus. We all left at 9:30am and head towards south east of Melbourne. First stop was Warook – a genuine Aussie farm experience.

130 year old farm

We meet the wildlife and farm animals at this historical farm.

forgot what animal is this
winter-proof camel 😀

I was able to bottle feed a baby cow here!


I was able to actually milk a cow too!

milky milky
in deep conversation with a cowboy

The photo below shows me trying to crack a stockwhip, which is an easy thing for cowboys. But it’s not as easy as it seems. After how many attempts, I wasn’t able to crack it. hahahuhu


After the farm experience, we had a traditional Australian roast lunch in the homestead restaurant. Warrook Farm offers visitors delicious home cooking combined with Australian country hospitality.



Our next stop was Maru Koala and Animal Park. It is just 20mins drive from Warrook.

After passing by the entrance, you will see walls with information regarding some of the famous animals in Australia; Kangaroo, Koala and Wallaby



Meeting one of them is a bit costly. Though you can just look at them from afar, but if you wanted to take a picture with them, you need to pay for a couple of bucks just to meet them up close. Here, we were able to meet one of the Koala (I forgot its name), and for the four of us, we paid AU$50.00.  Pricey isn’t it? But it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. Well, you won’t see them as often as you go to other country, right?

Always hungry
with the cutie ❤

We entered a certain passage that leads to an open field where the wallabies and kangaroos were free to roam around. This is where you can actually mingle with the them. Heaven! ❤


As I’ve mentioned, the area’s pretty big, they usually stayed by groups, quite far from the other groups. We approached the first group, which we thought were the grumpy young ones. They’re too lazy to roam around so we decided to somehow tame them or make them move towards us by offering food (animal farm sells hays). They were quite grumpy at first, but after waiting patiently, slowly they got off their feet and started reaching for food.

shy wallaby

After a couple of minutes, they were all over me.

trying to take selfies with these 3
and these four
where did they go?!

We also met an albino. I named him Alby (short for albino, lol)

cutie Alby

I also met one of the biggest kangaroos in the farm,


It looks like a normal one but wait till you see it stand

adult one

I dunno if this is the size of a full grown kangaroo but as you can see in the photo above, the kangaroo was not standing properly. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same height as me, or a little smaller.

I was able to take a picture with them up close


And selfie!


Good thing, the kangaroos were up for some selfies! 🙂

As much as we don’t want to leave the animal park, we left for our next destination: A Maze ‘n Things, a unique theme park located on Phillip Island. I don’t have photos though, I was literally amazed the whole time we explored it that I wasn’t able to take a single photo. Good thing my colleagues did. 🙂

cc to Rudzon

We were pleasantly surprised by the variety and richness of the experiences offered here. They have lots of rooms with different things to try and see.


There is this particular room that will test your fear of heights.


You’l drop from a 15ft. high platform before sliding down, which is not painful as it seem. A little dose of adrenaline rush 🙂

We had fun wandering through all of the optical illusions and interactive displays. We also enjoyed the gravity room and the maze at the end! (don’t have pictures 😦 )

Our next stop was Phillip Island Chocolate Factory!


Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate is the sweetest and most addictive attraction on Phillip Island! This is a place for all things chocolate with amazing attractions, interactive machines and fascinating facts.

Inside one of the rooms

What I love the most here is you can actually make your own chocolate. You just need to press buttons in the interactive machines and voila! it will be finished in a couple of seconds! They also have games in which you’ll be able to win a plastic ball and can be exchanged for a real chocolate at the end of the tour. Amazing, right?

with Win John and my colleague, Ms. Sangeetha

In the photo above, you can actually eat unlimited chocolates for free! Who wouldn’t love chocolates?!

At the end of the tour, you’ll be able to buy all the chocolates the attractions offer, which is a bit pricy for us. Good thing we ate plenty of it during the free taste haha

Our last destination was Penguin Parade ❤

Since I can’t have a picture with a real one 😀

Here, we were able to see flocks of penguin coming out of the ocean and marching their way back to their homes. Too bad, photography is prohibited during their parade </3


The benches are facing the sea, which made it far freezing cold! It was already dark when the penguins appeared from the waters. They appeared from different shores, I think I saw 5 flocks of penguins. They slowly marched their way to the sand and all the way to their burrows. They’re SUPER CUTE!! I wish I was able to hold one though, but I was quite contented to just see them walking. I am an animal lover and don’t want to scare them out of their natural habitat. ❤

with my other Burmese colleagues

It was past 7 in the evening when we left the theme park. We still travelled for more than an hour before we reached the city.

Peace out, Phillip Island!

Thank you for reading! I will post the continuation of my Melbourne adventure in a few days! 🙂


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