Papa’s 70th Birthday Celebration

‼️Super late post‼️ This happened last 24-25 November 2017, (yes we celebrated for 2 days) but my father’s actual birthday was on the 28th. Me and my sister flew to Manila (yeah, again for the 4th time for 2017! haha) on the night of the 23rd to surprise my father. Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss this milestone! Well not everyone gets to celebrate their 70th birthday, right? Sa panahon ngayon, swerte na kung umabot ng 50 years old ang isang tao, honestly speaking

Aunts, Uncles, cousins, siblings and pamangkins 

Since the construction of my sister’s house was on going that time and Saturday was salary day for the workers, they decided to throw the birthday party in Cavite (my Aunt’s house just walking distance from the site).


Since me and some of my siblings arrived late (we picked up some food on the way), they  started the session as early as 1pm. Some were drunk by the time we went back from the site, kaya wala ng chance mag picture nung matino pa ang lahat 😅

Pictures 👇🏻

Mamits and baby Lyo with Auntie Mina, Ate Bibeng and Sarah

My Auntie Lydia and her husband were also present all the way from Liloan, Southern Leyte. Syempre 70th birthday ni father, dapat kumpleto silang 3 👩‍👩‍👦

Auntie Lydia, Tiyo Berto and Tio Eden

Like what I said in my previous post, Filipino celebration ain’t complete without Karaoke 🎤 Ilabas ang mic!

with my favorite cousins ❤️
kagulo over karaoke 😂

Rare chance of seeing both the oldies happy in a picture. (with baby Lyo)

candid ❤️

I wasn’t able to get a decent picture of the food and us (noong matino pa) during the Saturday celebration. But thank God for Sundays ❤️ We went out for lunch at Outback Steakhouse in Macapagal. Kulang lang bec my brother was late (Jep for the nth time 🙄).


Finally, a memorable photo na almost complete kami for Papits’ 70th birthday.  Shortly after this, we were bound for the airport going back to Singapore. hahahuhu that’s how fast weekends can be! Well, it may be quick, but we were to be back on Christmas (which is a few weeks after this event, yes ganun ka-late ang post kong to) haha

Just want to thank God for my Father’s life! May he live for another 70 years and be healthier! I may not be as showy as my friends when it comes to family, but I hope our (me and my sis) effort to go back home (SG-Mnl even for less than 48hrs) just to not miss any important occasions is enough to make them feel important and loved.  Again, happy 70th birthday, Wilfredo Regidor Olaco Sr! Love you Pa! Always. ❤️


your bunso 👧🏻



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