My First Kpop Concert Experience – Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] in Singapore

I was always a fan of Korean Dramas ever since middle school, but not their music. Whenever I see my friends expressing their hardcore fanatic selves on social media I always thought to myself “why do non-Koreans even listen to their songs even though they don’t understand its lyrics?” I had a chance to visit South Korea early this year (not finished with the post 😭) and experience it first hand. Wherever you go, subway stations, malls, restaurants, lalu na ang ever famous souvenir-heaven Myeongdong, you’ll see Kpop faces everywhere! I really admire how Koreans embrace their own music industry, because in our country (Philippines), others find it baduy or jologs if you even listen to some tagalog songs or follow pinoy pop groups but finds it normal if you are a kpop fanatic. Nakakalungkot pero totoo (because I’m one of them! πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ»Β I just don’t like the pinoy boy groups because I find them really trying hard. Parang wala bang originality? But I’m into Pinoy rock bands and other artists. Hindi lang talaga yung pop groupsΒ πŸ˜‚) Mabalik tayo sa kpop topic, I admit I listen to a few, lalu na yung mga gasgas na kpop songs na pinapatugtog during parties and events na may pa-games but not to the extent of downloading their music, following their social media accounts or even going to their concert. I find it ridiculous, really✌🏻 Until 6 months ago when I came across an instagram photo of Dua Lipa with 2 ladies beside her after her Seoul concert with a caption “Blackpink in your area”. I was amazed that a famous American artist knows some Kpop group. Ang weird lang na me idea ang mga western artists sa kpop, di’ba? or is it just me? πŸ˜€ So I did some extreme research and stalking πŸ˜‚ and the rest is history. Ganun ako kabilis kausap hahaha

Me singing to kpop songs

Since then I’ve been stalking in Instagram almost all the time, even at work. (Procrastination at its best 😜) Then one particular day in August (yes tandang tanda ko talaga) I kept seeing photos of Red Velvet in featured posts and found out that they’ll be having their comeback.

(L-R) Joy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi and Wendy

Like Blackpink, Red Velvet’s members have amazing talents as well as stunning visuals. The release of their album Summer MagicΒ made me more curious about them and since then, I’ve watched almost all of their performances in Youtube,Β TV guestings and even their ‘reality show LevelUp Project Season 1-3. πŸ˜‚ Basta me subtitle, pinapanood ko!and adik lang ano? Β πŸ€ͺ

very accurate

In just a short period, I’ve read almost anything and everything about Red Velvet on the internet. Ewan ko ba kung anung pinakain or kinain ko, wala naman nagpilit sakin pero it’s like I fell deep into Kpop “trap” that my day wouldn’t be complete if I don’t stalk them on social media or listen to their songs. I can’t help it. It seems like yesterday I find it absurd, pero ito ako ngayon, isa na sa mga baliw. πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

It was 24 September 2018 when I saw an instagram post that my beloved Red Velvet will be having their 2nd concert REDMARE here in Singapore on 24 October. Exactly one month. I’m like, seriously?? I hesitated at first. In denial that I said to myself that I’m not that super duper hardcore fanatic to come to a Korean concert (but in my heart I really wanted to come😭) And none of my friends are interested in Kpop like I do. So if I decide to go, I’d probably be watching it alone. Hello?? Who would’ve want to go to a concert alone?? Days after I saw the post, I found out that tickets to their 2-day Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] in Seoul concert were all sold out, as well as their Bangkok and Taipei concert. This alone piqued my curiosity. Curious of what it’s like to watch a non-english concert. Curious of what they looked like in person, of how they perform live etc etc. But the thought of going alone?? 😭 It’s only my 2nd concert experience to date (Ed Sheeran – Divide tour last November 2018) and I’m with my friends that time 😭 Not to mention the ticket price (haha the farthest seat costs more than Ed Sheeran’s Concert – in same category) By this, I realized how dedicated the kpop fans are. They spent time, effort and money just to show support to their idols. And as for me, I just couldn’t miss it!! I’m not contented to just seeing instagram posts anymore. So ayun, 2 weeks prior to their concert, I finally purchased a ticket.


So ayun na nga, solo flight akong aattend. I don’t want to be left out or even feel awkward since it is a pure Korean Concert (they only have 1 english song – Bad Boy) kaya I downloaded most of their songs and played it on repeat (haha me pagre-review?) Para naman makasabay ako sa lahat ng kakantahin nila (Kpop Fan level 99 πŸ˜…)

20 October 2018 – Saturday

D-DAY! The venue was at the Star Performing Arts Theatre in Buona Vista. I thought I’d be late (start was 6:00pm) because I ran some errands in the city. I was literally running after I got out of the train even though I’m still 35 mins early bec I wanted to have pictures of me holding RV merchandise. I didn’t have anything with me and the only way to fulfill this is to be early in the venue and borrow everything from my fellow Luvies (name of Red Velvet fans) hahaha kapalan na lang ng mukha since I’m aloneΒ  πŸ˜…

Upon queueing at the entrance, I was able to chat with a student and her mother. Sakto, mukhang mabait yung mag nanay. Syempre binola bola ko sila and even commended the mother for supporting her daughter all the way and to even come to the concert (sa isip isip ko “but pa yung nanay nya, my friends can’t even support my kpop addiction”πŸ˜‚) After some series of talks (🀭) I gathered all my courage and asked them if I can they can take a picture of me with one the posters that she’s carrying. Hahaha ang kapal lang ano?


The student also brought a lot of merchandise with her including the lightstick, but I decided not to borrow it (sobrang nakakahiya na at nakatago pa sa bag hahaha) So ayun, we parted ways right after because they will be seated in front at ako sa may bubong banda hahaha purita lang..

There were available banners in each seat for free. Oh di’ba? Effortless me libreng props na agad! It was still early when I found my seat, kaya minabuti kong maglakad papalapit sa stage (we were one floor above) para picturan yung stage ng mas malapit. Then I saw 2 students taking pictures near to where I was going and they’re both carrying LIGHTSTICKS!! – gumana nanaman yung kakapalan ng mukha ko haha – I shamelessly asked them if i can borrow one and asked to take pictures of me as well HHAHAHAHAHA – gusto kong lumubog sa hiya that time, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity! so…

Ngiting tagumpay si JoiΒ 

Thank you very much to the 2 students – I didn’t had the chance to ask their names – I couldn’t be more ashamed! hahahahuhu As I observed, the attendees were mostly young students. Ang yayaman lang ng mga estudyante dito, ano? afford nila manuod ng concert? I can’t even afford to watch a movie when I was in school πŸ˜‚Shortly after I returned to my seat, the lights went off. Lahat ng tao sa venue nagsigawan at nagtilian – mapa babae o lalaki man –

Of course, hindi ako nagpahuli!Β  I can’t even express in words how I felt when the spotlights went on – yung ngiti ko hanggang tenga na hindi mawari! Todo bigay din sa pagsigaw yung mga maliliit na estudyanteng katabi ko hahaha nakakatuwa! Tawang tawa ako tuwing me sumisigaw na halos mapatid na yung litid sa lakas ng boses! Sa start pa lang ng concert nasabi ko na sa sarili ko na “Buti nanood ako” ANG SAYA LANG!!!

Too bad, the security’s too strict. I wasn’t able to record a full song, not even one! So I’m posting short clips of some of my favorite songs instead.

The above clip – My all time favorite song Dumb Dumb – was cut shortly because the security guy noticed that I was raising my phone for too long, kaya ayun 😦

My second all time favorite – Bad Boy. I thought they’ll sing the english version of it, pero keri lang, frustrated Korean ata ito kaya plakadong plakado pa din hahaha – again it was interrupted by the security kaya di buo


Upon performing their 10th song, Joy suddenly rushed out of the stage and returned with a shoulder-sling. She accidentally hurt her elbow and needed to go the hospital. Huhu very unfortunate, pero okay lang! Sapat na yung nakita ko sya magperform kahit 10 songs lang! haha (get well soon tukayo – Joy!)

List of the songs they performed (in order)

1.Russian roulette
2. Power up
3. #Cookie Jar
4. Mosquito
5. Look
6. Mr. E
7. Zoo
8. Happiness
9. Hit That Drum
10. Lucky Girl
11. Bad Dracula
12. All right
13. Blue lemonade
14. About Love
15. Moonlight Melody
16. Bad Boy
17. Pick-a-Boo
18. Dumb Dumb
19. Red Flavor
20. Rookie
21. Ice Cream Cake
22. Day 1

I wasn’t able to record my other favourite songs kasi nga ang higpit ng security, kaya I just enjoyed the moment. Super saya lang! Even though there’s a language barrier (Wendy is the only english-speaking member), hindi yun naging rason para hindi maenjoy yung concert! (may translator naman πŸ˜…) Halos mapaos din ako kakasigaw at kakakanta kahit hindi na tumatama ang lyrics! Super saya lang! Iba pala talaga ang feeling! I’m super thankful na tumuloy pa din ako kahit ako lang magisa. Hindi ako nakafeel ng anything awkward. I felt that I belong to one great big fandom na kahit iba iba kami ng language (mostly Singaporeans, Indians and Malays – wala akong nakitang Pinoy), we were united as one KOREAN WANNABEs hahaha kidding aside! Ang gagaling namin mag Korean na kapag me question yung Red Velvet members, sumasagot kami in Korean language hahaha!Β  ang cute lang!



Days prior to this concert, I read an article posted by Koreaboo which states that a new study shows that going to kpop concert can extend your life by up to 10yrs (article-Β HereΒ πŸ˜‚), I find it exaggerated before. Pero after attending REDMARE concert, I somehow realized na may point din pala. Iba yung happiness na mafi-feel mo when you attend a concert, Kpop in particular. Basta, mahirap I-explain unless you experience it. Kaya Thank you Bae Joo Hyun (Irene), Kang Seulgi (Seulgi), Son Seungwan (Wendy), Park Sooyoung (Joy) and Kim Yerim (Yeri) for extending my life (hahaha joke) Super kilig ko lang na makita at mapanuod kayo in person kahit gamuta lang sa liit! Nakakaproud din na sa isang gabi, parehong hangin ang nilanghap natin! hahaha ktnxbye!

Anyeong! ❀

From a normal citizen turned Kpop-obsessed fan,


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