Blackpink 2019 World Tour [In Your Area] Singapore

Exactly 3 weeks ago today! Of course, I wouldn’t miss writing something about my second Kpop concert experience! The first Kpop group I stan less than a year ago all thanks to instagram’s featured posts, I happened to come across a picture of a thin-looking blonde girl performing in one of Korean University festival. I became curious and did some further stalking research and found out that she is Lisa, a member of a girl group Blackpink. I started listening to their songs (they had 5 songs at the time I discovered them) and voila! I was a normal-person-turned-Kpop-obsessed fanatic since then. I didn’t even realised I was slowly sinking deep into the Kpop phenomenon. Ganun katindi yung effect nila sakin. I started listening to other Kpop groups as well (Red Velvet, Twice, Ikon, Winner, BTS to name a few). But Blackpink will always have a special place in my heart (cheesy 🤮).

(L-R) Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa

I couldn’t contain my excitement when they announced last 1 November 2018 that they’ll be having a world tour and it includes Manila and Singapore! I doubted if I’ll be able to get a ticket because Blackpink is a very popular girl group and most of their Asian concerts were sold out.

19 December 2018, I tried my luck on the pre-selling of LiveNationSG (which was a day before the regular selling) and I was able to secure ticket! I waited for a little more than an hour in the so called “virtual waiting room” and when I got in to their site, there were no available slots left. I don’t know how it happened but I just clicked every category (without thinking of the price) but still, nothing was available. After how many attempts to all available category, I finally let the system searched and there!! I was able to get a CAT4!!!  (S$268 which is below the roof seat lol) I almost cried after I made it through the payment section because some experienced system error and was not able to purchase even after queueing for almost an hour. Indeed, Santa gave me an early Christmas present! ❤️


I was able to get my pre-ordered Light stick (just in time!) during lunch time. So complete with props pa ako! 😂


D-Day fell on a Friday which is not convenient for some Blinks who has work like me. Luckily, my manager allowed me to leave early (😇) I arrived past 5 in the afternoon even though the show starts at 7:30pm. I knew there will be a long queue just to get inside. Apparently, they held a somewhat like photo booth event where you can take as many selfies/pictures as you can and print it for free (as long as you upload it on your instagram account and tag KIA with the hashtag #BlackpinkwithKiainSingapore. Since it was still early and I had time to spare, I didn’t mind the long queue (yeah this has separate queue aside from going inside the stadium)

In yo area! ❤️

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have individual standee, but I was able to take photos only with Rosé’s and Lisa’s

My ultimate bias, Chaeng!! ❤️
worth the long queue ❤️

For the 2nd time, I went to see a Kpop concert alone because none of my friends are fans. The hardest part of going alone is that no one will take a photo of you 😂 but that didn’t stop me from having memorable pictures inside the stadium!

Thanks to the Blink who took this shot 😁

As my seat is located in the upper floor (CAT4) which is definitely far away from the stage, I roamed around the stadium and was able to get to the lower CAT to get some pictures.

The show didn’t start as scheduled but everyone didn’t mind as we are all enjoying Blackpink’s music being played and everyone was singing out loud even though the songs are in Korean 😂

After months of stalking in VLive and IG, finally!!❤️

Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs (lol including me) when the lights went off and the rest is history (excuse my not so big voice 😂)

I couldn’t contain my happiness when I finally heard Park Chae Young, (aka Rosé) my ultimate bias’ first line!! (kita naman sa video di’ba? 😂) I wasn’t able to record their full Ddu du ddu du performance because I was completely concentrating hard lol I was actually living the moment that I forgot to record everything. Well, you can just search hundreds of fancams on youtube, right? 😆

After their Ddu du ddu du performance, Forever Young comes next, then Whistle.

행복감 😭❤️ (JenChuLiChaeng)

2nd set includes their solo performances. Jisoo went first, followed by Lisa, Rosé then Jennie. I was able to record Lisa’s famous Swalla performance (not full though)

And Jennie’s Solo

I was able to record Rosé solo performance for 15 seconds (she sang Let It Be + Park Bom’s You and I + Taeyang’s Only Look At Me but I only got 15secs of You and I) 😂 I just don’t want to miss something that I couldn’t even blink for the rest of her performance lol. Saranghae Rosé! I was hoping I could hear you sing Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips live, it became one of my favourites after hearing you sing it on your Japan Arena tour last year! But your solo performance was nothing less than perfect! 😭❤️

(I got Jisoo’s and Rosé’s 15sec video in my IG stories btw. see my profile )

After their solo acts, they performed the rest of their songs including Kiss and Make Up (Dua Lipa song) and Wondergirl’s So Hot.

LiChaeng ❤️

My second favourite song next to DDDD, Majimakcheoreom!

They performed Ddu Du Ddu Du and Stay on the encore




It was a short 2-hour concert kaya super bitin!! But I wouldn’t mind spending another few hundred bucks just to see them perform live again! Iba pala talaga yung feeling pag nakanuod ng sold-out concert! Feeling mo ang swerte at blessed mo compared sa mga nabigong kumuha ng tickets lol. Kidding aside, I’m one lucky blink! Thank you, Lord for letting me experience this once in a lifetime experience! (I know they’ll have more concert in the future but not sure if I’ll be lucky enough to get a ticket lol)

Thank you Kim Jisoo, Kim Jennie, Park Chae Young and Lalisa for this unforgettable night!  Hindi na pang Instagram, Vlive, at Youtube dahil nakita ko na kayo sa personal!! 😭❤️  At iisa lang ang hanging nilanghap natin sa loob ng 2hours!! 😂  Looking forward to your next comeback! Hwaiting!!! ❤️

Now back to regular stalking.  😂

Forever Blink,


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