Holidays in SG 2016

Happy 2017! This post is around 20+ days late! I know, there's been a lot going on lately that I had no time to write this entry. Well, how was your holidays? I hope it went well. As for me, I had to stay here in Singapore for Christmas and New Year because I don't have... Continue Reading →


12:00am passed by, which marks June 20th, and I'm just there, lying in my bed, thinking of what would happen the whole day. A few early birthday greeters posted in my facebook wall. I fell asleep while reading some of it. Just the usual daily routine, I woke up early, left the house at 7:00am (I stayed... Continue Reading →

Eve at the Airport

Hi everyone! While some of you are already enjoying the Christmas break, here I am, sulking myself at the office, daydreaming of being on vacation. Well I guess this is one of the bad side of living and working abroad. Here in SG, we don't have that long vacation during this time of the year. Unlike in... Continue Reading →

CENaniban’s Sumptuous Lunch

We've only got 3 days left before Christmas, and ofcourse, it wouldn't be complete if I haven't celebrate it in advance with my closest friends here in SG. It is also our way of thanking our good Lord for He made it posible for us to find a job here. Currently, our batch (TIP-Manila Civil... Continue Reading →

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